December 22, 2020

Learning a new craft means more mess. For needle felting: wool rovings, specialized needles, finger and thumb protections, foam pads to perform stabbing operations on.

But I am having so much fun!

The end of the year brought some formalized goodbyes: to corruption, duplicity, psychopathology, sexism and racism. LIES.

And of course, COVID-19.

And now we must add: and mutations. (Did you hear the one about Ireland? After centuries of oppression, they can finally keep the British out! Ar-ar)

More personally, as I’ve stated elsewhere, I want to spend less time in grievance. And, I want to read more this year. Both feel do-able.

Today: pin wheel cookies and a dog walk at Cutler Park.

Have you ever seen Stevie the Wonder dog on Instagram? He’s adorable. Lives with some nerve disorder that makes walking difficult, but he is famous and beloved and everyone sends him packages. So many videos of him opening packages. Stevie_the_wonderdog

Above, is Finn’s version. Unfortunately what he is dispatching at the outset was a household gift. I thought it was a dog toy. (Oh well! Sorry, MR! He DID enjoy the treat inside!)

(In case you’re wondering about the clumsy links, the updated WP makes selecting text nearly impossible, especially if near a line break or photo. Errr. But on the positive tech-front, K figured out how to download photos from iPhone to Lenovo laptop. It requires a format change on the phone end and takes a LONg time — because along with innovating to a stellar degree, Apple also spends a fair amount of energy crafting intentional ill-ease across platforms — but wait! I hear farting sounds. Is this grievance? The good news is I’ve already deleted 1,000 pictures off my phone).

Speaking of farting, if you haven’t seen this, you’re welcome!

11 thoughts on “December 22, 2020

  1. Marti

    Oh that Zoom call, I laughed until tears were coming out of my eyes and today, of all days I decided to wear eyeliner and mascara that is now tracking down my face…gut level laughter has sure been missed and this felt good…so of course I have to tell you one of the families fart stories and I hope I can do so without getting hysterical and rolling around on the floor cause that is what usually happens when I tell this story; my grand kids beg for this story every year. Here goes:

    Growing up, my aunt and uncle lived next door to my parents. They were more financially well off than we were as they owned a commercial laundry and my uncle farmed a few acres of tomatoes, cotton and cantelope. Over time, my aunt got a bee in her bonnet and wanted to move to a bigger house in a “better” part of our town. My uncle reluctantly agreed.

    Nearing the holidays, my aunt decided to have a little open house and have the local Catholic priest come to bless the house. Well this was a big production, cooking and baking took several days, my Dad contributed his homemade wine, my mother made all of the flower arrangements. The the house was cleaned top to bottom, the floors waxed to an impossible shine and through it all, my uncle grumbled. Neither he nor my Dad went to church except for twice a year: my Dad for Christmas and my parent’s anniversary, my uncle at Christmas and Easter. Uncle Louie did not want to be at the open house and said he would go to our house and hang out with my Dad but my Mother insisted that my Dad, sister and I attend, so Uncle Louie had no choice.

    The day came, the house was spectacular, flowers everywhere and the table was set with all kinds of delicious food. All of the chairs were removed from the dining room table and set against the wall. Everyone arrived and my aunt was flushed with glory or maybe too much of my Dad’s wine; my uncle was feeling no pain so decided to raise a glass and make a toast. He stood at the head of the table, in his jeans and wool shirt, in his stocking feet, lifted his glass, lifted his leg as if to do a dance and out came a huge fart with such momentum that he slipped and was carried under the table!!

    And yes I am laughing like a loon at this memory…my aunt was appalled, started to cry, my Mom tried not to laugh, as did many others. My sister and I were in a corner shaking with laughter and dancing around, (I was 10 and Ysabel was 8) My Dad ,usually a quiet man and the picture of decorum, laughed and laughed and then went over to my uncle to help him get up. He leaned over and said, “Jesus Christ Louie, did you have to do that!” The priest was so insulted that he got up and left and then the party began…!

    So Dee thank you for the laughter and I hope I have returned it in kind because it simply feels so good to get giddy and laugh. Merry Tidings one and all…

    1. Mo Crow

      I reallydon’t like the new block editor in WordPress but the good thing is I if you go to the “WP admin” link at the bottom of the list under “my sites” on the LHS of the screen, then go to “posts”, tap “all posts” in the drop down menu, then tap “new post” at the top of the screen. click on “classic editor” in the drop down menu and it’s the good old format that I still prefer using (albeit getting more difficult to find!)!

      1. deemallon Post author

        I can send my way to classic editor with a couple of taps. Thank god! But even there, the cursor misbehaves. This is a new thing. As in the last couple of weeks.

  2. ravenandsparrow

    Finn’s Christmas present had me laughing out loud (so long, potholder) and then the fart video and then Marti’s story….oh dear. Thank you, everyone.


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