My cousin Ginny recently sent me a black and white photo picturing a clan of Mallon’s. I’m still learning who they are.

I combined the mysterious photo with this week’s collage challenge image (#pariscollagecollective): a red paper lantern — and when I did, a series of questions emerged. Who shows up and who disappears with the various filters? What is illuminated and what is hidden? Who else in the family inherited that giant nose? What about those hands? Were the twins separated after their mother’s death given that she died so soon after their birth? Were they okay because they don’t look okay.

3 thoughts on “Lineage

  1. Liz A

    my first thought was: where is the mom? and the dad, with eleven children, looks like he too is not long for the world … what a tragic picture

  2. Nancy

    Oh Dee…these folks look like a hard life happening. And yes those poor twins little bodies with old faces and older souls by the look of things. I hope you share more of what you learn.


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