Snow and hives

After three days of itching, I bagged up what I thought was the offending allergen and trotted over to urgent care. Yes, it’s hives. Yes, it could’ve been because of a newly purchased cocoa butter body gel.

After getting my scripts and instructions, the nurse picked up the ziplock bag with the gel in it.

“You can throw that fucking shit out,” I told her.

I may itch and look a pretty sight, but at least I made the doc and nurse laugh!

14 thoughts on “Snow and hives

    1. deemallon Post author

      I also cracked up the PA when I asked her out of the side of my mouth if the doctor on schedule was male or female. She said there’d be a nurse present. I replied, “Oh, it’s not that, it’s that I’ve gotta show him my ass.” She cracked up too. Who knew I was so funny?

  1. CFillio

    My first thought would have been, can it be the carrier base of the flu shot? I’ve had so many reactions to flu shots that I’m not allowed to take them anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Your humor was a great gift for the hospital staff, surely. I hope your hives subsided immediately. Miserable affliction.
    I love the counterpoint of the heart’s curves and colors on the woven grid.

  3. Liz A

    Charleston was on my mind as I pondered Black History Month … like Sandy Hook it made me think “surely this will be the last time … we can’t possibly allow this to keep happening” …


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