Cleaning digital house

Whew! Closed my website and its attendant email a week or so ago. Never went there. Didn’t maintain. It kind of embarrassed me, honestly

Today, closed my LinkedIn account. Again, didn’t groom or visit, so why hang on?

Today, downloaded eight albums of twenty on Flickr (aka “Fuckr”). I hope to close that account within the week. If you don’t know how Flickr fucked their customers, you’re lucky. Let me just say, it’s a triple whammy.

At midday, backed up my blog. The first time in twelve years.

Look at me go!

Meanwhile, I’ve felt like crying all day. It’s okay. I really don’t mind.

Lots of February birthdays to make cloth gifts for! Mine is tomorrow. I feel like I’m getting a Senate impeachment trial this year. Regardless of outcome, it’ll be pretty satisfying.

* top photo baby blanket for Baby M.

Woven frame surrounds photo of quilt printed on linen — still trying to decide how I’ll highlight the elephant. With embroidery?

Yellow roof house is for a blog friend and bottom pouch with gold edge is for a friend in Florida.

You’ll notice I surrounded half this heart with yellow too. It’s subtle.

14 thoughts on “Cleaning digital house

  1. Ginny

    I have to admit I was excited to read snow and hives. I was thinking bees! Not the nasty red itchy bumpy hives. Awful!! I’m sorry for you. I get them every so often and hate it!!

    Here is something to cheer you, watch Wild Irish Thyme. Sweet sad and funny. And good for you clearing out the digital excess. It’s a good to dump the burden of unused platforms.

    Happy Birthday a day early dear Dee! Better days ahead!!

  2. Tina

    Happy early Birthday wishes .. I’m sorry you felt sad today. It is a weird feeling when sadness kind of just takes over. Tomorrow will be better for sure .. I’m going to pray that I’m right. Enjoy your special day.

  3. Nancy

    Happy early Birthday Dee! Feb. has a few birthdays over this way too. Good for you on the clean-up (and getting sewing done)! I’m impressed. I can’t wait to delete Linkedin from my world, but as it is I can’t even get into it to do so (old computer = old browser). I have invitations in there that I’ve never even seen. lol
    I hope you’re feeling better real soon and give Finney-Boy a nice rub on the head and scratch behind the ears for us 🙂

  4. Marti

    Tears and laughter, worry and joy, it is all part of our days. Tomorrow, the day that you celebrate your arrival on this earth, may your day be filled with all that you enjoy: love, laughter, music, good food, friendships and an Irish Birthday blessing:

    May you dance forever joyful in the sweet warm rain of life…

  5. Liz A

    Happy Birthday Dee … I hope those tears that were threatening were tender ones, rather than regretful … in any case, may it be a gentle day … too soon for a happy ending on the Senate trial, but perhaps a beginning to that happy ending

    as ever, I marvel at your cloth stash and how artfully you put those bits together … your giftees are sure to be pleased


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