Squeeze the balloon

Writing with others three mornings a week definitely lessens my need or impulse to show up here. I have to figure that out. For today: a completely disjointed post.

I’m ready for it to be warmer. It’ll be easier to wait for the “EVERYONE ELSE” category of vaccination then. I’m hoping.

If you can find Maddow’s final segment from last night, do. I’d share the clip but couldn’t find it — maybe next week? It was about the impossible becoming possible. A Catholic story, a tale of heroism and altruism. It was a real antidote to the epic assholery being reported about the GOP. That party… Gawd.

My paid manuscript consultant has finally taken up my book again. I’m trying not to think too hard about how loooonnnng next steps take. In the meantime, work set in Colorado is “coming through.”

Lawrence Durrell once said he didn’t know if he had a novel or not until he’d written over fifty pages. Well, I have much more than fifty pages already and I still don’t know. I swore I’d work from an outline if there was a next novel but that doesn’t appear to be an oath I’m keeping.

Reading about the bomb factory in Rocky Flats is research. Hair-raising.

It’s Saturday. I’m gonna eat breakfast today! Have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Squeeze the balloon

  1. Nancy

    Dee~ Not too disjointed at all, but I understand that feeling. Your plants look beautiful in the sunlight! And I really like the pink-hued 4 patch 🙂

  2. Acey

    fifty pages tells me nothing at the beginning of something. i need several hundred to figure out wtf. On the other hand, fifty pages of strong, focused, and strongly focused second draft tells everything that needs telling, hopefully, and not a droplet more. that’s where I am. somehow. About half of the draft ready and waiting for the rest. Can you believe it???? interested in the Colorado material because I sense it’s quite different from ‘Cloth’.

    and i really like the red and blue collage with figures above the pink arch ways. it’s the visual version of a Pam Gregory video.


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