A Wednesday in March

More light in the kitchen late afternoons. I arranged my sister’s blue bottle collection on the sill to invite that vibration and to mark my sister’s passing.* This week marked two years gone. I’ve had a lot to say about that, but for now, not here.

This lovely heart came from Hazel after Noreen’s death. She was grieving too. I looked at the stitching up close today and appreciated once again, the craft, the care. My sister and I found this Virgin at a second hand store in Salem that we enjoyed frequenting. She mounted it on wood and added eye hooks. The ceramic pentacle had been hers as well.

Editing going full throttle right now. Or at least, as full throttle as I do anything anymore. Needed a solid nap this afternoon after being awake til three am.

When I couldn’t sleep last night, I came downstairs and read a Booker Prize winning novel set in Glasgow: Shuggie Bain. Alcoholic mother, despicable father, unbearable poverty. I’m compelled to finish but it is unrelentingly grim.

Almost done reading Eliza’s letters post-1744. Those describing her husband’s death are full of anguish, full of praise for Charles’s virtue and character. They had fourteen years together. Good years. Malaria did him in.

* also prompted by chakra/color exploration on sparklinglotusink, Acey’s blog.

7 thoughts on “A Wednesday in March

  1. Nancy

    The blues look beautiful here. I love the look of glass items on a windowsill. There is something so fascinating about what your sister collected and something so, um, raw too. “as full throttle as I do anything anymore” – something covid days taught us I feel. What’s the hurry?
    We used to watch Shetland, a ‘murder show’ on PBS, but it too became too “unrelentingly grim”, so I had to stop. I like my murder shows fluffy 😉
    On a FYI note of functioning: your pics are still usually not showing up, but they do show in the email, so I look there and comment here. Problem solved.

  2. Joanne in Maine

    Oddly enough- I have been thinking about your sister yesterday and today. I didn’t know her personally but still….she was present here for many posts- so ….good thoughts about her remarkable eye for collage papers.

  3. Hazel

    An honor to be here, near all of the beautiful blue glass. I’ve been lost in Dad thoughts/memories the last week, our birthday week. Just when I thought things couldn’t be different, they’ve shifted some. Wishing you peace.


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