A Pfizer Saturday

Husband just shuttled down to Longwood medical area for his second shot. He had such a reaction to a recent shingles shot that he’s kind of expecting to be laid low for a day. We’ll see. Tylenol at the ready. My second is next weekend.

As you may know, it snowed here yesterday. This morning’s walk was cold, but mainly because we were underdressed. A chilly light rain falling on bare heads is no fun. Got my two and half miles in anyway.

As soon as K buzzed off, I spent a little time in my studio. It’s really been a while. I’m looking forward to hand-quilting this larger village quilt.

The happy accident of towers / woven strips finding each other is worth pursuing, I think. I’ll cut and weave into the yellow base near the buildings’ foundations and somehow resolve the areas where the white background ends too soon.

19 thoughts on “A Pfizer Saturday

  1. Jen NyBlom

    I get a kick out of seeing pics from your walks; SO “New England”! Reminds me of my early childhood! 🙂
    LOVE those house quilts, Dee! <3

        1. deemallon Post author

          Yeah wow you’ve been getting a lot! This is year three or four of drought conditions here, so no one was too upset about the precipitation— even tho it was snow.

  2. Nancy

    Wow, the colors in these pics, especially the walk ones, is so bold…almost looks like you colored them yourself! How is everything white, but for the bold yellow house?! Super cool! Really love the weaving on the bottom house cloth, like how it is mostly the one print with others dancing in and out here & there.
    Good luck with #2 shots you two.

  3. Anneliese

    Love the house quilt, which you are going to quilt – goodness the snow! DD is living in Boston but actually in Vermont – this weather is all coming some time later to us – Germany.

  4. Deborah Lacativa

    I feel like I jinxed your weather the other morning. The village quilt is quite amazing. I have a crick in my neck tipping my head over to get the right view.


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