Gather up

After writing alone and with others for a while, you have to gather up what you’ve been putting down on the page. Review. This morning I find some scrawls that are an Epilogue to current novel and some other meanderings that may or may not be a second novel.

But it was too cold to sit outside. Even with fleece, blanket, and Oliver Twist-style gloves with the fingertips cut off.

I am officially fully vaccinated now. Wahoo!

Yesterday was a big deal: Shot two DONE and edit three DONE.

Maybe all that happy chatter I’m hearing about Aquarius has something to it.

12 thoughts on “Gather up

  1. Marti

    I like these words, “Gather up”. (This afternoon I too will be fully vaccinated, getting my 2nd Moderna shot.)

    This morning, as is my usual early morning daily ritual, I sat outside in my little front patio, cup of coffee in hand. Having moved to a quadraplex, the first of the month, surrounded by apartments, I was missing my old home that had a bit more of the “wildness” to it WHEN, a hummingbird came to sniff the vines on the ironwork trellis on the side of our tiny front patio, robins flitted and sang to me from the apple tree that is in front of our door. To my left, quail were strutting about and then wonder of wonders, a rather large jack rabbit quietly leaped into the parched patch of grass in front of the apple tree and proceeded to chow down…

    “Gather up” took on a whole new meaning just then for I am not alone, the “wildness” is all around and this was such a fine way to start this last week in April. Now to find some lizards…

  2. Tina

    Marti your reply is proof that Gratitude is what makes a house a Home!!! Dee I know just how you feel along with the rest of us that have been fully vaccinated .. we are all soooo Blessed. From the looks of it that is no small novel you’re writing .. am so looking forward to reading it. Like you I am so ready for constantly warmer weather.

  3. Nancy

    Big day indeed! Yay and congrats all around! Marti’s comment is just how we feel here in an apartment when we’re not out on walks…you just have to pause and look around. BTW~ I like this new banner, the dimensions of home – beautiful.

  4. Liz A

    the tiny crescent moon underneath the post-it note in the first image caught my eye … a little bit of magic on a wonderful day (and hope you aren’t having side effects)


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