Time to count 5/29/21

1 — one recovery well underway

2 — two dogs; two wheel chairs; two novels being read; number of pairs of pants I thought I left home but had actually stuck in a drawer

3 — three days in California; three slings; three to tango

24– number of hours til I see First Born

Too many to count: stunning plants in the yard; times I wished I hadn’t let ten years go by between visits.

The tawny dog, Lila, is a Carolina dog (mostly), aka American Dingo aka Dixie Dingo. The breed is believed to have come across the Bering Straight eons ago and is nevertheless viewed by some as the only indigenous dog in America.

The “secret garden” is, for now, inaccessible. I took it upon myself to move the guardian dog over to the side of the house where my brother will be able to see it from his beautiful new bathroom.

11 thoughts on “Time to count 5/29/21

  1. Nancy

    Some very wonderful things to count! I have to say, that it never enters my mind how different the plant life is from location to location…but when I see this post of yours, through your eyes…I think yep, SoCal! Glad to see you enjoying yourself.

  2. Anonymous

    What a beautifully designed garden. I didn’t expect Billy to be artsy. Glad he is. I hope he can get out and enjoy the sunshine. You too. Thanks for sharing these pics. I’ve never been to SoCal and this makes me want to visit soon. You’re so brave taking that flight. Even now as more restrictions lift I’m tugging my mask even tighter. Enjoy your freedom and visit with the kiddies!

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you! My brother is very artistic. It shows in his garden, the pictures on the walls. He did medical illustrations for a while.

  3. RainSluice

    You made it! 🙂 Hugs to you and Billy! Is that his partner? More hugs! maybe you can’t answer here. Anyway, that photo is simultaneously encouraging and devastating – seeing his face and his body slacking off – but he’s standing! I have to say, I will continue to pray in whatever way that Lila dog prays (because it sounds like she got my kind of spirit – however fantasmagorical). I’ll pray for his continuing recovery.
    I bet his caretakers adore him. Who’s got a better sense of humor and love for life, other than you of course? Is he communicating well? I think you said he was doing well with speech therapy, but it is so difficult to wrap my head around what must be like for him that my brain won’t hang on to the details for long.
    I’m so glad you’ll see your First Born soon. And maybe stop in CO on the way home? How’s your heart doing? (“Hold onto your heart” by Man Man). Here’s the chorus:

    Hold on to your heart
    Hold it high above flood waters,
    Hold on to your heart,
    Never let nobody drag it under.
    Hold on to your heart
    Even when your body’s bitter
    Hold on to your heart
    Never let nobody take it over
    Ever take it over
    Ever take it over from you.


    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you for that chorus Maggie. It speaks to the moment. Speech is a little variable but often very good. His caretakers do adore him and he is very very lucky to have them.

  4. debgorr

    A beautiful garden! Bougainvillea never looks real to me. 🙂 And…Lila reminds me of one of my brothers first dog. Jaydee was part dingo, pit bull and shar pei. She mostly looked like the dingo side except for having a slightly wrinkly face. It’s good to remember her this morning. Have a great visit!

  5. grace

    somehow, in a way that makes no sense, these images….you taking them…posting
    from there, somehow….this Grounds me this morning…
    Thank you and may you all float in Love

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thank you Grace. bTW I listened to most of the tippet interview with the astronomer. Fascinating! Thanks for mention.

  6. Liz A

    your counting posts are always thought-provoking … a great organizing tool and one that opens the door to some of the harder truths, along with simple joys

    I’m sure the hours and days are flying by … so glad you made time to give us an update


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