Paper plus photo plus another photo (or two)

And so it goes, obsessively, with this weekly visual prompt challenge from the Paris Collage Collective. I’m sorry if this gets to be too much, but given how many iterations I produce, there’s this need to document at least some of them here.

When I cut the male silhouette out of a magazine ad (above), by removing his knee, the lower shadow took on the appearance of a dress which, by association, transformed the dreadlocks into the knots and folds of a head scarf.

On an unrelated note, the other night when I couldn’t sleep I stepped outside and walked across the lawn to shoot the moon between the branches of our big black walnut tree.

Just as I reached out to open the front door, a man made his way along the street. Dressed head to toe in khaki, middle-aged, he creeped me the fuck out. I mean it was 2:30. Maybe I shouldn’t have read Stephen King’s The Outsider?

7 thoughts on “Paper plus photo plus another photo (or two)

  1. Liz A

    I rarely comment on them, but I continue to be astonished by how many collage variations you create out of each image

    and yeah, what the heck? … in a recent NextDoor post for our neighborhood, someone said they spotted a young man riding a bicycle at 2:30 am … with a ladder!

  2. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) you remind me of the full moon night a few years back when I went out into the backyeard to photograph the moon wearing no clothes… the back door slammed shut with a gust of wind so I had to climb up the ladder onto the kitchen roof to knock on our upstairs bedroom window & wake Old Man Crow up to let me in. thank goodness it was about 3am so none of the neighbours were up!!

  3. Nancy

    Oh man that would have creeped me out too!! I’m easily mis-trustful these days though. Today at lunch, which I take in my car, I watched this older man, shuffle walking up the street with a blank look on his face. When he got to the driveway, he stopped , right in the middle, turned to face the school building – facing the office where my friend was sitting & working. And there he stood, staring blankly for several moments before turning and shuffling away. Strange. A few days ago, an older man was walking up the same sidewalk, shirtless. There are bushes, so I couldn’t see below his waist…just this bare-chested man walking up the street…I thought “what if he has nothing on?” what a goofy thought! lol
    As far as you collage art…love the “silence” in there and loudly silence can speak sometimes. I love how you morph the gender right out of your collage figures 🙂 I also really love the one with the hands in it…deepens the story for me. You are such an amazing collage artist Dee. xo


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