A problem of volume

It’s one thing to vary photo layers and filters endlessly in a kind of obsessive and focused play. It’s another matter altogether to manage the volume of results. I get attached to these collages! What am I supposed to DO with them?

Cleaning up the downstairs study closet affords one idea: group images and print on both paper and cloth. I found print-ready silk, cotton, stickers, and loads of archival paper. What am I saving it all for?

Printing from my phone is a pain in the ass in terms of centering or sizing images, so I may have to go back to downloading onto PC and working through Photoshop elements. Ugh. I really want to preserve a body of work and in so doing, create another body of work, but I want simplicity of process!

Must also consider copyright issues. I cannot sell collages that use recognizable and/or untransformed work by other artists. Is that MOST of my collages? Maybe.

My vision of small booklets posted for purchase gets quickly dashed.

Today it’s wet. It rained hard throughout the night. I know because I was awake for a lot of it.

I’ll close with a few screen shots. Food for thought and images of — what else? — cloth!

From recent NYTimes Style section

7 thoughts on “A problem of volume

  1. RainSluice

    “My vision of small booklets posted for purchase gets quickly dashed. ”
    no, hon’ listen up. (said with a jersey accent)
    t will be worth the pain in the ass work it takes. I do get it, it’s a daunting task. And, you must already be beyond wiped out from doing the major novel process (how’s that going?).
    Do be kind to yourself at the same time 🙂
    I’m sure you can do it… because I know actual other people who do it. Do I do it? No, not yet.
    I need to do my deceased sister’s book SOON. I can let you know what I learn?
    I also know there are folks reading your blog who can better advise than me. xo

  2. Mo Crow

    (((Dee))) these images work so well on screen, what about a digital book? have a look at Yumpu, Flipbook & Blurb, there’s lots of other platforms available

    1. deemallon Post author

      And thank you Mo. This is where the Austin Kleon philosophy comes in: “don’t blog what you know. Blog what you want to find out.” Or some such thing.

  3. debgorr

    I struggle with what to do too. Because of the copyright issues I stick with my own photos so that I always have choices…but sometimes I am so tempted. I love that blue vest!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I use others’ images all the time. In SoulCollage, the sun is to make a private deck, so with attribution and thanks, there should be no issue. But otherwise? Damn!


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