Hot then cool October

For our walk in the woods Saturday, it was muggy. Sweaty hot.

A new routine? To use a trail map app and explore. Last week, Concord near Walden Pond and Lincoln, this week, Concord past the Old North Bridge.

Finished a few quilts yesterday and today went to a stunning one woman show called Queens Girl in the World.

Central Square Theater

Traffic was a nightmare, mostly at this end because of the Harvest Fair. It was hard to get too annoyed, though, because kids lined up for rides, a band playing in the parking lot, and all those craft tents signaled something like normalcy.

The theatre required proof of vaccination. I’ll leave my vaccine card tucked in my phone wallet, ready for travel to Los Angeles. Not that we’ll be going many places, if anywhere, but still. I want to make lasagne one day and a pumpkin pie another.

7 thoughts on “Hot then cool October

  1. Nancy

    The woods look so beautiful…and then I try to imagine how they ‘feel’ with all of that humidity. The striped leaf is a joy and the tree on your house cloth is perfect for Halloween 🙂 “Queens Girl in the World” looks good too. I love Motown, something I shared with my parents, which I thought was so cool back in the day. And yes, a bit of normal must feel very welcomed! I agree that it is probably best to just keep your vaccine card on you. I got us those plastic “badge holder” type things. Safe and sound!

    1. deemallon Post author

      There was a fair amount of music. Snippets. Brought back memories. I loved Motown, too. But there was also the litany of tragic deaths : JFK, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Of course I remember those things too.

      1. Nancy

        Yes, as do I. But, I remember them as a young girl, one born in 1959, so my memories there too are so connected to how my parents felt, well how my mom felt (dad didn’t share much). As I type this, I think of what Grace has been writing about. Anyway, yes the good and the bad are recalled together. xo

  2. Liz A

    I could look at that leaf all day … the feathered edge, the veins, the colors … and it called to mind something I just re-re-re-read in Natalie Goldberg’s book “Living Color”

    “Salt Cedar is flowering … I admire the bushes every day … Do I think of painting them? Never! … But when an old car whizzes by the corner, longing rises in my chest. I want that on paper, and I know I am capable of fulfilling that task. The car was made by humans.”

    Nature is infinitely creative and your intricately pieced and stitched cloths are paeans to that truth

  3. cednie

    Your quilt brought a new thought to me. I have a dozen pieced houses but have been pondering the next step with them. I have not been happy with just plunking them on a background cloth. Of course – they need surroundings! Vegetation, paths, hills, streams, maybe a mountain. This project may take me forever, but I thank you for the insight.


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