Textures of waiting

Here are two new collages with some mosaic variations. A one-minute slide show follows. Without spilling any beans I can say it’s about my book and the timing of assistance.

With newly revised timetable in hand, onward and upward. Must: write query letters; make progress on list of agents; write elevator speech for plot of novel.

In the meantime, I am soooo happy to report that my 30+ year old front crown was removed without mishap yesterday. The underlying post remained intact. No implant necessary. Yeah! I don’t even mind that the temporary crown, which I will get to wear to Los Angeles this month, is green. I kid you not!

I will leave you with two screen shots from yesterday and this thought: if I see Steve Bannon in handcuffs in November, Christmas will have come early — in spite of the faux outrage already being ginned up by the right wing.

8 thoughts on “Textures of waiting

  1. roxanne g reynolds

    i haven’t celebrated xmas in about 20 yrs, but the thought of bannon in handcuffs could change my mind.


  2. Nancy

    Dee~ As usual, there is so much here to ponder, view and so on. How lovely for you to have an almost healthy tooth, a trip to look forward to and a To Do list filled with such worthy activities! Wishing you all of the best as you move through it all,

  3. Marti

    Pensive face, hidden face, hands, gently resigned, in your face red letter words,, piles of books, pages with words that shout out, inform, embrace history, demanding that it not be repeated…knowing that it is a herculean task but still, , words put down, a life’s work, a heart’s release, a mind’s compassion in a waiting to be acknowledged book… archways that beckon, saying we need to enter the portals .admit the mystery, learn the history, demand resolution, participate in revolution: stories never ending, needing to see the light of day, digging deep by a woman of such depth and and honor in doing every thing, taking every step in the long, long process of giving birth to her book, life to truth…I “saw” and felt all of this Dee as I read this post…


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