A walk in Webster Woods

All the recent rain changed the landscape. Rogue rivulets. Impromptu puddles hoping to become ponds. Glistening leaves. It was slippery enough for me to wish I’d brought poles.

It’s hard to get lost in this patch of woods, but we don’t always know precisely where we are. All the fallen leaves obscuring the paths today didn’t help.

It’s hard to believe this small wooded escarpment lies within a mile and a half of the house. Almost every time we traipse through here, I think about how if our boys were raised in the 60’s, they would have known every inch of this area. It makes me a little sad.

This week we are 33 years together. There are certain patterns of communication. I say Which way and when K doesn’t answer I say Let’s go right and when it turns out we kind of went the wrong way and we got to where perhaps we meant to go K says This is where we would’ve come if I’d said what I wanted to which was to go left.

One of the consequences of making a choice is you might be wrong. But if you don’t assert a choice, do you get to be right?

I can think of worse thing to stumble over.

Since a brilliant variety of mushrooms made our last walk festive, I kept an eye out but there were hardly any. What few I saw were like the Puritan versions of Mardi Gras celebrants. Don’t get me wrong, they were still spectacular, which is not an adjective I’d apply to a Puritan.

The leaf below looked like a bird in flight.

This boy was happy. Finn’s pack instincts came to the fore whenever K and I momentarily diverged (for me to take the low route, for instance — when did I become so cautious?). At these junctures, The dog becomes visibly anxious. I love how it matters to him that we stick together!

Like footprints

Today I will: ** read ten Joy Harjo poems; ** boil up Friday’s chicken carcass for stock and then make mushroom soup (shrooms from the market — not to worry!), ** scoop up wet leaves and walnuts along the curb using a straight-edged shovel. We will

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17 thoughts on “A walk in Webster Woods

  1. Nancy

    33 years & getting where you’re going, one way or another = good enough 🙂 Ol’ Finney-Boy…what a good doggie. Your ‘footprints’ look like little ghosts to me. It is Halloween weekend after all. I have become even way more careful that I used to be, even a couple of years ago. I have no problem saying, nope I can’t do that one. I baby my knee and do NOT want to fall! lol Your woods are beautiful.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I don’t want to fall either! Under the leaves was a layer of slick mud. Miss slippery too. Oy. And tHanks for the reminder of good enough.

  2. RainSluice

    33. hard for me to fathom. congrats!! which-way conversations are funny? These are the things that wear me down and keep the peace at the same time.
    Love the color and detail you get of these lichens and fungi. You must have a real camera. I have a real camera but I haven’t practiced much. This could be my year of the camera, and you’ll be my inspiration once again!Hey, you may have attention deficit disorder, but wherever you turn it seems to me, you succeed! This weekend we watched “Dune” (2021), loved it.

  3. Hazel

    Congratulations to the both of you, we just had our 38th. (And, no, he does not get to be right!) Love seeing the mushrooms, just beautiful. Someday, I hope to learn more about mushrooms.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks, Hazel. Getting my wedding band and engagement rings re-sized to fit the current me. Dropped them off today. Feels like a very appropriate thing to do on the eve of our anniversary!

    1. deemallon Post author

      39 is long! But also in view for us. We’re married 31 tomorrow and together 33.

      the mushrooms, because of all the rain, have been just incredible!

  4. Marti

    May love and laughter fill your day tomorrow, your day of “togethering: my made up word for long term married. I consider this made up word to be an active verb because it is how it is…how we can come together every day, even though we have pursued our solitary activities during the day knowing that at the end of the day, there will be sharing and laughter cause you simply have to laugh at some of what life hands you after such a long time together.

    I am 52 yrs with this man of mine, 51 yrs married, and I have been asked “why him”: This question especially asked by our daughters. My answer: Well, he was the first man who when I asked him why the sky was blue did not wax poetic but gave me scientific answers and I thought to myself, well this could be quite the adventure and it has been and continues…Wishing you continue to find yourself on many more adventures with K dear Dee.
    Happy Anniversary tomorrow.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Thanks so much Marti! And, even tho it’s cross-talking (I have so much trouble commenting on Nancy’s blog), just wanted to say that the story about the surprise delivery of your twins was a thrilling read.


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