Plug in remedies?

A series of really crappy moods.

Good — got that out of the way!

I may have to deactivate all my WordPress plug ins and then update them after sussing out which one is preventing easy access to media files. Ugh. I am too unschooled to do this by myself.

I’ve been busy, as you know, with my manuscript. Essentially I’ve deleted a novella — 20,000 words in the Silo Folder of Deletions with more to join them soon. It’s mostly relieving to have another set of eyes helping me decide what’s wheat and what’s chaff. But today I feel exhausted by it.

Finn got into a stock pot somehow. We don’t know when or how. But he got quite sick, depositing turmeric-yellow puddles of vomit threaded with scallion leaves. It wasn’t until all the rugs had been scoured that I sat in my writing chair for class and discovered he’d puked all over it as well.

I just scraped the deep seams of the upholstery with a knife, and soaped it all up, and vacuumed, and sprayed with pet enzymes. It’s one of the grosser things I’ve done in a while.

I seem to be in need of cheering up. Gonna pop a few pictures on here and deliver some gingerbread whoopie pies to my neighbor. Then it’ll be almost time to tune in to Deadline Whitehouse. Ugh. Bye, bye Roe? I’ve mostly been avoiding twitter but have seen enough to know how sickening it is to have trump’s partisan hacks on the Court.

On second thought, I’m gonna click on the fire, sew, and finish watching The Santa Stakeout. (So bad. It was so very bad).

20 thoughts on “Plug in remedies?

  1. Tina

    Oh no poor Finn .. poor you!!! Really sounds just awful 🤢Been liking your collages .. spent a lot of time looking at them from your last post as well as this one. Here I’ve been keeping busy making a few rather large quilts that keep me from worrying about stuff .. that’s the best part of loosing yourself in your creative self. Slowly bringing out a few XMas things .. my decorations are definitely shrinking. Be well Dee!!!

  2. RainSluice

    Dog vomit. And, that much dog vomit. Sorry for you! But, glad Finn didn’t poison himself.
    I’m making a dog sweater. Not for Finn (sorry Finn) but for my southern belle dog Jasmine. On 40 degree days she’s ready to come inside after 10 minutes!
    Sewing the lining button holes (or should I do snaps?) will keep me from the disgusting news. At lunch today I got the news second hand about Kavanaugh’s ass backwards argument re: SCOTUS overturning long standing decisions in the past – – made me clench my teeth and spew a lot anger at lunch today.
    I love these leaf images. I read them a series of variations on pleas for hope, give us hope.

  3. Hazel

    Ugh and yuck! I thought of you this weekend, as we were working through plumbing/sewer line issues… after finally being able to shower, flush, etc… I sat down with dessert and watched a Christmas movie, shouting, “This is so stupid!” all the while, K agreeing, but sitting through it, too, and remembering your terrific and spot on post about them (was it last year?). I hope things shift into better for all of us!

  4. Marti

    What an ordeal for Finn and for you…glad that he is fine and I hope your find you cheery…later in this comment, you helped me find my merry!

    Re Roe vs Wade: “Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts?”

    — Justice Sonia Sotomayor

    Hard to stay mellow these days now with the Mississippi case, with the on-going drudge and now Omnicron found in my daughter’s city San Francisco, daughter who is coming here for Christmas…I just want to throw up my hands and shout, Bah humbug: but since it is Dec. 1st, I put our a few holiday decorations as in my homemade grapevine wreath with my Winter Solstice blessing attached and my favorite holiday card with the word JOY and a photo of my twin grandchildren when they were 3. Last year, at age 11, they saved their allowance and had photo ornaments made for both of us and those are on the little wreath as well. AND I found Merry when I went to Liz’s art blog and found your Lady Mouse. Her merry self uplifts me and as I commented on Liz’s blog, we are so in need of merry right now! So thanks Dee for providing some merry in the form of Lady Mouse.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Stench is the word of the week, I guess. We’re wondering whether we’ll be going out West in January as planned at this point. Alas, this is how it is. Thanks for the link to Lady Mouse — I’m behind on blog reading. Too bad the pix in the linked-tutorial (many of them) are not loading. And where did I see all those pix of you? That was fun! Lady of Blog Comment Mystery!

  5. Nancy

    Dee~ Oh poor Finney!! And YUC…poor you too. I’ll take a bad diaper over vomit any day. Speaking of which, I’m grateful for a job. I’m exhausted, totally. The news is just too much to add on…the variant in CA…and so on. On the plus side: we got a delightful holiday card from the other grandparents with two big, beautiful photos of said grandson 🙂 Finger crocheting on a lunch break is a great way to relax and I have my guy to come home to. Lastly, I also think of your great writing last year and how you got me totally hook on all of those Christmas movies!! lol I even thought of you while listening to a long story on NPR about the success and expansion of these movies, including all the well-known actors and more!! I hope your mood has lifeted and Finney is better xo

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’ll take poop over vomit any day, too. I’ve so been enjoying your odyssey with the Community Medicine Bags. Glad some of the wool I sent is usable.

      1. Nancy

        The ‘white’ I used in these last ones…what is that one? It has such a different feel and it makes great ‘snow’ for my woods 🙂 Thanks so much.

  6. Saskia

    the joy of pets, right;-)
    the news is crushing, I avoid it or rather make light of it, somehow…..
    concentrate on animals, stuff & people I enjoy
    as I imagine how it works for you too, not that I deny the Darkness but I try and balance it
    working with hands and mind helps
    sending MoleMan’s greetings

  7. Liz A

    oh lord … I envy those of you who have pets to love, but times like this make me glad I failed pet ownership

    letting go of all those words … a novella’s worth … can’t imagine how hard it must be to “kill those darlings” … so I’m glad you’re saving them … as future short stories perhaps???

    the news out of SCOTUS is disheartening … for our part, we are attending the kickoff campaign for our amazing local Texas House representative … she’s our small ray of hope in the midst of Texas crazy

    1. deemallon Post author

      Never have local politics felt more important. Glad you’re getting involved.

      As for the dead darlings, I experimented this morning with writing a few compressed paragraphs — turning, for example, six pages into seven paragraphs. Still thinking about it, in other words.


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