Covid Silver Linings, Lasagne and ADD

I’ll start the list of Covid silver linings with two.

One, The first thing I hear every morning is, “I’ll go down and start the coffee.”

Do you now how nice this is?

Husband used to leave the house at 6:15, which meant he was up and out in full dark for portions of the year. I’d be so dead to the world I wouldn’t even hear his NPR-set alarm. I never minded making coffee but it is so nice to rise and shine with it ready to pour. His company is nice too.

Two, Covid has normalized my wardrobe choices. Ha! Most of what I wear has to meet a single criteria — is this outfit as comfortable as pajamas? The rest of the world has caught up to me I guess.


This is the time of year when my holiday timing clashes with my husband’s. That’s why I will begin to sneakily remove the smaller ornaments and put them away. Hope he doesn’t notice! Actually, this year he might go for full take-down before New Year’s because we got our tree the day after Thanksgiving. It is dry.

I got a rice cooker for Christmas and we might just have rice every evening from here on out. It comes out perfect every time. I used to have one. Here’s a fun fact you probably don’t know about me: I ate nearly exclusively with chopsticks for about five years.

But what am I saying about rice? I have all the ingredients for lasagne. I really hope it’s as good as the batch I made for my brother the trip before last. They purchased some specialty ricotta which was creamier than what I usually buy, and I think that made the difference. Wish me luck! It’s a lot of work for a meh-meal.

Lastly, I get to congratulate myself (again) for sticking with the Paris Collage Collective’s challenge for the entire year, even with four trips to Los Angeles and one to Boulder. I doubt I’ll do it again in 2022. I am eager to make some collages fueled by more personal images. This week’s image was a hand holding a balloon.

If you don’t have ADD or don’t know anyone with ADD, you probably can’t quite appreciate why this is such a big deal.

9 thoughts on “Covid Silver Linings, Lasagne and ADD

  1. Nancy

    Elements of your #1 could be me in a mixed-up, reverse kinda way.
    I am grateful he wakes to an alarm that I don’t even hear and then comes back in to wake me 30 minutes later…and when I whine for “5 more” (minutes), he quietly walks back out – only to return again. He does nothing loud until I am actually out of bed and he gets my car for me, bringing it around front, warmed up and wiped off. I am so very, very lucky and my appreciation runs deep.

    #2: I just spent 3 whole days at home, sweat pants = good enough. I did nothing, barely left the couch. Back in jeans and t-shirts 5 days a week, I really treasure (and miss) my home days! lol I was down to just some blush pre-pandemic…pretty sure I won’t go back to even that! Simple and comfortable…what else does one need?

    However you collage, I know it will prove interesting to us out here too.
    Your salad looks so good!
    Be extra careful with that dry tree…tragedy news stories get thick this time of year.
    Happy New Year!

    1. deemallon Post author

      The wake up routine sounds infused with kind gentleness. I see why you appreciate it/him.

      Make up? Yeah I put some in the other day (Thanksgiving) and it felt so extremely odd. I miss lipstick but masks have their day about that.

  2. Liz A

    Nancy – you’re so right … we watched in horror several years ago as a house across the way from my Missouri daughter’s house burned while the family was at church … I can’t remember what caused it, candles or tree lights, but it was a total loss

  3. Liz A

    Dee – that first collage made me do a double take, lifting up my glasses and leaning in to see better, wondering “what’s that fine line running through the cloth?” …. ha!

    We use a small 4-cup coffee maker … Don likes his brew high-test, but I can’t tolerate the caffeine in all but a 1:3 ratio … whoever gets up first makes a pot for self, then sets up a new pot … it’s a small service, a simple thing we do for each other and I am truly grateful each and every time …

    Last, we are still getting tomatoes out of the garden (I know, showing off, right?) … I chopped up a bunch and layered them with sheets of homemade pasta and four cheeses in a pie plate … cooked it fast and hot in my little Cuisinart counter convection oven, sprinkling on some panko and parm towards the end … and hmmmm, there might have been some reduced cream with fresh basil drizzled on top … sorry, I couldn’t resist reliving the experience here


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