Canine company

Look who has settled into his big blue bed on this rainy day! Finn usually spends the morning downstairs while I write, only traipsing up here when my husband delivers a second cup of coffee. My zoom-mates know to expect them.

I didn’t manage to bustle out the door for a walk this morning. It feels like a day to cocoon.

Cocooning is a luxury, a laziness, and a way to preserve health. I don’t know how to think about it anymore. All this isolation, even partnered and filled with canine company, might be getting to me.

It might also be a good day to whittle down the pile of papers next to the computer. Already a clipboard of novel-related notes surfaced.

A clipboard! Gawd.

On the top page clipped to that clipboard, I found a quote that feels relevant to today, to our time: Grief … is a form of moral intelligence and even wisdom.” Terry Patten, A New Republic of the Heart.

Phrases from the novel Pamela

9 thoughts on “Canine company

  1. Ginny

    Wow! Finn is big. I’m so accustomed to the peewees he seems gigantic. It was gloomy here too. I didn’t go out till dusk and it was freezing. Back under the heating pad for me!

  2. Nancy

    I read this, thought I’d commented…must have gotten distracted. I remember thinking how big Finney looks in his big bed! I think I have become a professional “Cocooner”…each weekend = home, each lunch break = car, alone Cocooning!
    Glad for your walk and it helping. Perhaps I should push harder, but the wind has been fierce and you know what that means. sigh


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