Dog walk at Wellesley

New fencing
Goose deterrent
Had I not had to pee, would not have seen
More fencing, this time forcing retreat
Signs of beaver
Can you see the chipmunk?
Here’s when I started to think about key lime pie
We risked it going in and out
Incoming! Detoured to a sitting area outside church
Here’s where K started whistling Enya
Graduation tents coming down
Red bag
Outward Hound
Home. Pie in progress
This week’s collage response begun
Almost-June garden

18 thoughts on “Dog walk at Wellesley

  1. Jen NyBlom

    Beautiful pix, Dee 💙💚
    (Mmmmm, pie!💚🍰)
    LOVE your peaceful green garden!!!

  2. Nancy

    Oh my gosh, the amount of GREEN here!! what a good eye you have for the hiding animals (of course it may look different in real life). I love those ‘peace’ signs ☮️.
    So, is Wellesley close to your place or do you have to drive? I think Wellesley is the elementary school district my DIL works for. Anyway, thanks for the lovely walk today! xo

    1. deemallon Post author

      Wellesley is the next town over but the pictured areas are the college which requires getting in the car. This post reminded me of so many of yours! Thanks for modeling…

  3. handstories3

    Loving the roots on that tree, the girls of stones, the flower (do you know what it is?), and it is always a good time to think about key lime pie!

  4. Nancy

    Okay, so yeah, I think that’s where she teaches…my DIL you met her.
    I loved walking along with you, we get in the car to get to most of our walks, as the neighborhood houses get boring for J. and me too sometimes. At any rate, your green is refreshing!

  5. Marti

    I “inhaled” the last photo, your green garden with trickling water music…I could simply live there for days.

    For us, this weekend, it was coconut cream pie. I did not make but R surprised me with a store bought pie, a quite delicious one made by Marie Callender. It was gone in two days! The gooey-ness of the coconut custard filling, the lavish use of whipped topping and the sprinkling of toasted coconut, was just the right prescription for my dwindling mood…

  6. Liz A

    we had a patch of lady slippers at our last house in Williamsburg … not planted by us, and it grew larger every year … thanks for the memory

    can’t help wondering what kind of pie that is/was … peaches are starting to come in and that looks like it might be a good way to serve them

  7. deb

    That last photo is wonderful. The ferns, fountain and hostas. And thanks, I just messaged my shopper to find a key lime pie. A slice would suffice.


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