Dream, sulk, and gratitude

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Instagram. “Which Legacy” Part II

I woke hearing this in my head: “Twelve articles and you don’t mention Thomas Jefferson once!”

It’s Sunday morning and Sunday mornings have just not been the same since I discovered I could do the New York Times crossword puzzle online on Saturday evenings. The Globe puzzle is meh.

Grateful for gift-bearing friends

A kind of discouraging passage. Maybe I’m still in it? Sources of funk are — part book prospects (not good), part old, old feelings of not mattering, part overwhelm at trying to wrangle some order with all my fabrics.

Grateful for collage — paper and otherwise

It is a gorgeous day and the yard is beautiful and we will spend a good amount of the day enjoying it. Here are some more gratitude shots.

Marti! Im grateful for online friendships which are just like (and sometimes better than) in-person friendships.
Grateful for Teva sandals and rogue ferns
Grateful I still have something to say
Grateful for exercises in color and pattern that don’t try to say anything other than, “Look at me.”
Believe it or not, I’m incredibly grateful for Alexander McQueen’s ongoing legacy
Food. There’s always food to be grateful for!
And this guy!
Tools among the clutter. More things that I’ve made. Things I use.

“See? Was that so hard?” she asks herself. I feel better for the gratitude exercise. Of course I do!

What are you grateful for this weekend?

19 thoughts on “Dream, sulk, and gratitude

  1. Marti

    Well before I even saw my photo, I was already getting these words ready to reply:

    Bunk about not mattering, about not seeing your book published. You, more than anyone else, dear Dee, are who I turn to not only for your wit, your political savvy, your intelligent, righteous indignation,, your gifted ability with words but also for your deep caring and understanding, your humor, your whimsy and above all, your Realness…

    Maybe the timing for your book is not right now but it will be because there is such a need for your book, written from a very special, thoughtful place; the place called community where all people matter.


    The photo of me only tells part of the story for in my hands, I am holding a very dear gift that you made for me: one of your colorful spirit lifting houses that now graces, my patio. I added some tabs to your cloth so I could affix it to a tiny apple branch and pin it to the iron trellis that is on my little patio, where I can see it every day, when I go out to greet the day with my morning coffee or tea. When my mood has saddened to the point of immobility, I look at this cloth and feel supported and uplifted.

    I am a solitary woman, have never felt the need for a lot of female friends, have never felt the need to do all of that socializing but in this place, this cyber neighborhood, I have found some dear, amazing women who are incredibly informative. sharp and loving, all at the same time, and I am grateful for sharing my life with them.

    This morning I am grateful that I can once again bend and twist and weed my wee little garden after suffering another bout of back strain. I am working on becoming grateful that I have an aging body that tells me when I am overdoing. The trick will be to catch this overdoing before it happens!

    I am especially grateful to have a husband who when I said that I really didn’t feel like cooking this weekend, said that he would cook for us.

    And maybe because my son in law is British and I have always been an anglophile, I am ever so grateful to have watched the charming little video that Queen Elizabeth participated in, along with dear Paddington Bear, as a surprise for her country and her grandchildren. It brought a lovely lump to my throat and a sweet smile to my heart…

    1. deemallon Post author

      I love your gratitude list. How savvy it is to be grateful for pain and for what it is telling you.

      As is often the case when talking about another, much of what you say about me could also be said about you!

      I’m glad the cloth cheers you up. There is something about that pink!

      Thank you again for your kind words. It’s been that kind of stretch of days that I may print them out and put them near my laptop.

  2. Tina

    This moment .. I’m grateful for you! For you being here .. for your sharing your feelings. All the good and the ones not so much. I’m grateful for your generosity in talent .. your honesty in sharing the good the bad and the ugly in your wonderful life. Today I’m also grateful knowing I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed by living in this broken world with lost hope for a quick fix … overwhelmed with feelings of there being no fix.
    Know that you are loved and appreciated by me and lots of others that visit here every day .. because we care.

  3. Nancy

    Dee~ I agree with the words of those before me…you are a rock(star) in our world here and yes, online friends are so real.
    It has been a heck of a week, in so many ways. I agree with all, with Tina that it is hard to get past all of this, to find hope again…
    But, I know I can come here (and the online homes of many of you) and be nourished and lifted, right along with the gloom…the lift…because how can I not be when charming Finney-Boy is smiling at me?!! ❤️

    1. deemallon Post author

      I hope the gloom lifts for you in the coming weeks, Nancy. Sometimes it’s hard to find hope but I think it’s there, even if buried under shadow and loss temporarily.

  4. Joanne in Maine

    Hey we have the SAME ROGUE FERNS- must be a New England thing.
    I still want to read the rest of your book- I liked reading the section you sent me.
    I need more of your soup recipes.
    I like having a small pile of your fabric scraps.
    I enjoyed making a house quilt- sort of like yours……but not.
    I like coming here to see your collages and ready your words.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I haven’t given up on the book it’s just gonna be a slog.

      It’s been a while for the soups, hasn’t it?

      Thanks for commenting, Joanne.

  5. Anonymous

    Astrology is fascinating but has always been too complex for me, or maybe not that, but something I decided long ago to relegate to others who do not fear the truth as much I do? Very weird thing to write here. But, I admire those who pursue it. I am grateful for the times, like this weekend, when I actually took time to sit on our front steps, noodle around on my banjo and talk to neighbors passing by. What nice people exist in the world! And, here. This blog is full of comfort and wisdom, art and wisdom. Oh, and appreciation of true grit, love of raw spirit and the written word. xo

  6. debgorr

    Grateful that there are people who are so good at saying what they are thinking and feeling (you!). Grateful that I remembered that I had ice cream on the counter softening before it was a puddle. Grateful that I didn’t break my toe when I dropped the canning jar on it. Grateful for pauses in the rain…

  7. Saskia van Herwaarden

    well I was grateful the sun was out all day for our Fair on Saturday – we were very fortunate is it rained almost non-stop Sunday and Monday!
    grateful for all the folks I met at the fair & of course for the sales I made, we all need appreciation Dee!
    like Marti, I’m kinda grateful for the acute back-pain as it is certainly a message, most probably to slow down, but more importantly I feel my body’s telling me to focus on what matters to me

    I love coming here and reading your well-written and honest accounts of your day-to-day exploits, ponderings and rants

    we are social animals and I guess therefore are always on the lookout for approval of others, but I do wish at times it wasn’t quite so, haven’t worked that out yet….

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m so glad your sale went well! This approval-need was something I’d hoped to have set down by now. But accepting that it rears its head once in a while is progress, I guess.

  8. Liz A

    I am feeling wordless … content to simply look at the images here … happy to see Marti holding your cloth … thinking I might just look into getting Tevas … wondering when someone will get a clue that there are a bunch of us out here who want to read your book … grateful that I will walk in Mr. Jefferson’s Virginia this week … and along the shore of North Carolina’s Outer Banks next week …

    hmmm … maybe not so wordless

    1. deemallon Post author

      Safe travels! The first collage had a raven on it. A nod to Poe’s one-time presence at UVA. I hope you get great weather. These Tevas are virtually indestructible. I wear them as sandals, slippers, and go gear.


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