Monday — again?

Slept til 8:30. Walked Finny. Read poems by Charles Wright. Made a lunch designed to empty as many containers as possible: reheated pesto penne with cherry tomatoes, corn on the cob, the last wedge of cantelope, and for K, a heated up salmon burger with avocado and impromptu aioli.

So now I’m upstairs and already identified another agent I’d like to query (why do they all look like they’re 28 and, does it matter?). It’s an online form submission, which is tedious in the extreme. All those boxes to fill!

I’ve written a query letter and a synopsis by now. I’ve assembled the requisite comparable titles. But I still struggle with bio (I like dogs?) and blurb (aka elevator pitch). How do I say what my novel is about in three sentences? It gets me every time.

It was an unusually busy weekend. Hallelujah for that! We went to Boston’s MFA on Friday to see the Philip Guston show that Maggie mentioned on Instagram. More later?

And last night we had a nice dinner on the North Shore with fireworks as an unexpected finale.

PCC prompt is a barn this week

15 thoughts on “Monday — again?

  1. deb

    The calendar seems hellbent on packing up summer before I’m done with it!
    I will come back and watch those fireworks over and over. The only place for good fireworks down here is after a Braves game and they play the most gawd awful music to go with it.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I tried to track down the story you mentioned on your blog over the weekend and couldn’t find it (link didn’t work). Do you have the actual name of the episode?

  2. Hazel

    Thank you for sharing the fireworks. I miss seeing them live, just too crowded here. The barns are great, the last image is especially lovely.

  3. Liz A

    I confess I scratched my head over fireworks in mid-August … and laughed as I realized the “house” I saw in your Instagram post is actually a barn …

  4. RainSluice

    This is my second try. I’ve generally learned to copy my reply here before I submit it, but yesterday I forgot to make a copy, and sure enuf, into the ether it went!
    That said I still haven’t watched the Guston video, but I look forward to hearing your response to seeing it in person. His work has always intrigued me.
    The PCC has been such a great venue for your digital collage work. I love that (previous post) with drawing in the mix. This barn is a great image-relation to your house themes. lovely.
    Love the fireworks vids! (hate that it seems like they year ’round in my neighborhood).
    Glad you are pushing to get your work out, but it defies logic that a publisher hasn’t been thrilled to see what you’ve written.
    Gottta go. xx, M

    1. deemallon Post author

      Sorry about the comment-difficulty. I didn’t actually like Guston’s paintings all the much but found his life interesting and the events and thinking about showing his work timely and also interesting.

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah, his paintings mainly are ugly – and I like something about that -but I used to try to at understand him. Oh well.. not worth the effort? I agree, an interesting journey which I’d forgotten since I first discovered his work in college. I do prefer Frakenthaler when it comes to that form of expression. Thanks for review!

  6. Anonymous

    I enjoyed seeing the fireworks, but what caught my attention about them is that several of the explosions in the second video reminded me of Jude’s sun/moon patches.


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