Copyright over on Instagram

Paris Collage image plus Nat Geo photo of famous free climber Alex Honnold

As you know, I routinely use magazine cut outs in my collages — National Geographic, Vogue, Living Magazine to name just three. I also use screen shots.

I think because I’m not selling my work, copyright issues have never come up. However, this week a montage of recent collages got this weird notice on Instagram about 71 nations banning my reel.

Huh? I assume the Paris Collage Club pictures do not trigger copyright claims nor, obviously, do my own photos. When I looked over the slideshow what stood out were photos of Jared and Ivanka. Is someone scouring the internet looking for unflattering pictures of them?

Screen shots used in montages

I’ll post video here just to see what happens. I have transformed the duo’s images in a way that arguably skirts copyright problems. I don’t know. I don’t really think about this stuff much.

By the way, this spooky portrait shows up in the Jared/Ivanka Monster series. I love it so much and I wish I’d noted who the photographer was. Cut out years ago.

4 thoughts on “Copyright over on Instagram

  1. RainSluice

    yeah. ugh. sorry. there are so many a-holes out there. my IG was recently hacked. I hope there was no “thread” to you.I quickly deleted my account (and lost everything). f-them. keep me posted in a new way until all is clear. in fact after you read this, unsubscribe me. I’ll reappear in another fake-life. xxoo

  2. jude

    it can be an issue at any time they want it to be. in reality it is a valid point but in this world a random happening. Cutouts would be hard to spot tho… I only use my own images for collage. Probably I have mentioned that before. It has always been that way, maybe without thinking about it. Or maybe I did bit didn’t talk about it that much. I also try to use my own words and not quotes but that is a thing that I always thought about. I have to admit tho I did use a few of my mother’s photos, oh ha!

  3. Nancy

    But your collage work is so wonderful (read in a child-like, whiney voice, as in don’t make her stoooop mom! – like that). I thought about it briefly when I did those read alouds on you tube. One day soon, it will be too hard to track all of this…and will it matter? Mmm…


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