Afternoon mishmash

Went to CVS for my shots a week early. Oh well. At least I know why I hadn’t gotten the check-in message.

Later, looking at screen shots on my phone, I transcribed some that I want to follow up on: agents, TV shows, recipes, Instagram artists. The odd poem. Mostly the goal is to delete some pix.

Threw the cards: the Hermit again? I already KNOw I feel alone in this publishing endeavor.

Closed all elementary-school-facing windows, put on the ocean noisemaker and the fan. Maintaining sanity. The kids are back and they are UnSettLeD (lots o’ screaming).

Donald flew to DC unannounced yesterday — to golf, to be arraigned? To steal more documents or maybe to listen to his trash son-in-law? The speculations last night were varied and entertaining. It’s hard not to hope that his jig is up. So much made of a pair of golf shoes!

Pine cone oak gall — each one contains a large wasp larva

The answer to WHAT the dickens are these was alarming, yes — especially because I can’t remember if I threw them out or not — but ever so satisfying in how it arrived. In a comment. Thank you Jen! (Over at Instagram @JenniferNyblom — and if you see her magnificent gardens, you’ll understand how she knows this stuff!)

This morning, all the galls are gone

I just made around two dozen of these.

Starting My Grandmother’s Hands again and the point about white bodies also carrying trauma across generations has been highlighted by the Queen’s death and all the talk about the monarchy.

Underlying photo: Mother Emanuel AME in Charleston (my photo)

6 thoughts on “Afternoon mishmash

  1. Liz A

    the pinecones on our front porch caught my eye as I walked out yesterday … your oak galls were perfectly named (but yuck … their meaty appearance was startling, as were the beefsteak mushrooms I encountered as I tried to find a match to your picture the other day)


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