From the pile

I really am finishing things. I thought this “Halloween quilt” was done but decided otherwise recently.

I didn’t like the way the house poked up out of nowhere and lacked stability. So I added some bushes and roots.

The foundation might need a little greenery as well. What do you think?

Meanwhile in the studio I revived a woven paper swatch that I don’t really like and made this “Snowglobe.” The profile is this week’s Paris Collage image.

Incorporating an unlikable element can lead to redemption or regret. This one is tending toward regret.

Sometimes (usually) collage is bing, bing, fuss a little, fuss a little more — satisfaction. Not today.

K is at the office. The table he cleared of papers last night (it’s garbage day) revealed the missing galls. They were just THERE. I flung them over the deck rail into the back yard.

I leave the echinacea until next spring because the goldfinches love the seeds. The birds are so light! And so brightly yellow! Every time I step outside and startle two or three away, I get a little burst of joy.

5 thoughts on “From the pile

  1. Liz A

    Don’s been using the dried seed heads to make marks on his paintings … I’m sure the lesser goldfinches are fussed at the disappearance of their favorite snacks, but after a summer swoon the coneflowers are making a comeback … I’ll try to speak for the seed heads on behalf of the birds next time around 😉

  2. Nancy

    I love that tree! I think yes, more greenery or more lightness or a light tea dye on the ‘roots’, to help them blend more? Mmm…
    The ‘snow globe’ in it’s earthy color speaks to me of climate change, the hills around here, wildfire remains…maybe that is because I was just over at Grace’s, with Sarita’s comments. At any rate, I like it…it is different. I’m wondering what the other side of the weaving looks like? Is it lighter in color? Perhaps that would help it feel more at home?
    Have fun playing.

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m kind of like the roots coming forward but thanks for the ideas. The snowglobe is done and the page turned. That’s one of the nice things about collage. It happens on a much shorter timeline than quilting.


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