A Saturday dog walk

It’s the kind of day when you take your thin cardigan off halfway through your walk. Beautiful, in other words.

I swear dogs are so much smarter than we think. Case in point: passed a beagle who howled in just the right register and with just enough volume to penetrate Beyoncé on ear phones. Oh, hello over there!

I never wear earbuds the whole way because they create a barrier to the world. Before Beyoncé, I briefly sampled a recent Sisters-in-law podcast and whew, switched that off fast. I wouldn’t mind a day of not thinking about Judge Cannon and classified documents.

Do you see the chipmunk?
I love all the directions here
Another arrow in the form of a shadow

A friend who is also an intellectual property lawyer gave me a free and informative rundown on copyright law yesterday. It was excellent timing because of that notice I got on Instagram last week.

I had no idea, for instance, that posting too many words from a book could be problematic (and here I thought I was promoting the author!) I will be more judicious in future, maybe limiting quotes to a short paragraph.

Also “fair use” (a defense against a copyright violation allegation) is broader than I thought. For instance, an image doesn’t necessarily have to be transformed if the artist is using it to make a commentary that differs from the original.

Not making money is a factor, BTW, but not an exemption. I thought it was.

There are also privacy interests apart from copyright issues. Public figures have no privacy interests to protect. So that means, for example, that the recurring Jeremy Irons face in one of my collage series would not run afoul of the actor’s right to privacy. Only the photographer in that case might have a grievance.

Home. Garden having a final flourish
Paper only — border is a photo of a quilt I made. Buildings from a magazine. Barn eave from PCC

The upshot of all this is I want to use more exclusively my own images. The interior magazine image above was originally whole. Yesterday while thinking about all of this, I ripped it in half and oriented one half upside down.

Paper collage discussed above is here doubled exposed and filtered with another quilt I made (below).

Or is it the one below? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I don’t mind that.

Oh stop now! You’d never know I meant to be very brief here. I have an AWA workshop in a few.

But no discussion of copyright is complete without noting the value of proper attributions: please find some of Deb Lacativa’s extraordinary fabric in quilt above (if you hurry, she has a new batch of vintage, hand-dyed fabrics available). Also, both the nine-patch and woven cloth strips arise out of a long association and class-taking with Jude over at spiritcloth. A real mensch and a maven, she is.

7 thoughts on “A Saturday dog walk

  1. Nancy

    How good to have someone who can educate you on the ins & outs of the copyright info. I had emailed my niece way back (she is an entertainment lawyer). You got more answers than I did, but I wasn’t too worried. On the other side, you have so many incredible photos, cloths and mark making…plenty to use of your own, thinks me!

    1. deemallon Post author

      I realized this week that I like magazine images for some of the same reasons I like printed quilt fabrics — they both have visual interest at the get go that can be built on. You’re right, tho, I have lots of my own images.

  2. Marti

    Yikes, I often quote book passages in my comments because I want to share what grabbed my interest…oh well, I shall have to be more careful these days.

    I enjoyed your dog walk, something I rarely do here, because well, we have some large dogs around here and they like to get out, away from their owners and I am a bit afraid of large dogs…

    Love these winding down summer days since I am not a fan of summer, so much prefer fall for many reasons: the crisp air, changing of the season, I consider September to be my new year since I have a September birthday (turned 75 last Thursday) and especially because I loved going to school and couldn’t wait for the first day of school. To this day, when September rolls around, I buy a new 3 subject notebook to use to list authors that I want to read in the coming year; I consider it my seasonal homework!

    As part of the change of season, this week, I tidied my wee garden,. Potted my assorted thyme so I can bring it indoors in the winter. The only thing growing in the patch of dirt is Swiss chard. My arugula sort of faded away. On top of the dirt bordering the front of my apartment are three green pots, one with yellow lantana, the second pot contains red, orange and pink lantana and the last green pot, holds a gorgeous rust colored mum. By the front door I have an ironwork plant stand that contains a little reed basket on the bottom and on top, my large Kokopelli pot that holds my burgundy and green leaf Dragon Heart coleus. on the patio table, I have one of my cloth collages, faded and tattered from the winds and rain. My smaller Kokopelli pot sits on top and is filled with colorful Native American corn, red, red and blue, blue, blue and white, that I have grown as well as red Chiles, also home grown. Anchoring the cloth is one of my Kokopelli metal statues. Among many descriptions, trickster, god of fertility, etc., Kokopelli is also known as the god of the harvest.le. I had actually collected some dried assorted weeds, such as 4 wing salt bush for display but of course, the day I did that, we had a howling wind and rain and it knocked the whole thing over…

    So while not a walk, a little preview of how things look outside my front door, honoring my favorite season…

  3. Liz A

    beagles have a voice like none other … they always make me smile (although I’m also glad that we don’t have any living nearby)

    can’t believe your leaves are already turning … I do miss autumn maples, surrounded as we are by 50 different species of oaks in Texas

    mensches and mavens abound in our cloth community, but yes, none better than Jude

  4. Nancy

    Yes, I can see that point…they’re like a ‘prompt’ of sorts.
    I think it was when I was reading the books on you tube? Or maybe it was when I was making slide show videos, using particular songs, like John Denver…but they never came to anything. 🙂

  5. Tina

    Am starting to see leaves changing here too .. I love fall but never look forward to our long winters. I often see quilts on Pinterest that I go ahead and copy .. never to sell but have made and given a few away. Yikes never really thought that was a problem but now you have me wondering.


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