Sometimes, especially when out with the dog, I think, “You know this is as good as it gets.”

Perhaps that sounds like gratitude or realism, but there’s a wary curiosity in it.

The absolute highlight of my week was talking to a fellow writer and feeling useful to her.

Some themes lately: what children need (they need to be seen); what are some of the differences between having sons and having daughters and are all those observations too reductive; entanglements.

We saw C this week, more briefly than I would have liked, but he still has good friends around here so what are you gonna do? It’s funny to me how after a few years in California, Massachusetts felt cold to him (it wasn’t cold).

I’m babbling, so I’ll close by saying I finally made some chive/garlic butter. We’ve been enjoying it on baked potatoes, pasta, and green beans, to name just three dishes. Yum!

13 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Joanne in Maine

    Having sons and daughters….there is a difference. I find my son more thoughtful and caring and my daughter is just so…get dressed and go someplace. But he’s far away and she’s 10 minutes away by car. She might be nicer to me if she lived far away????

  2. Nancy

    I remember living in No NV and getting so acclimated to the cold there, but that all shifted quickly when moving back to SoCal.
    I just said to a friend how much I enjoy and Need intelligent philosophical conversations with ECE people.
    Sons and daughters…I’ll keep mum on this one.
    Your leaves, the colors are so wonderful! I remember my trips back that way in 2010 & 2015. Love seeing the fall colors! I’m interested in what you meant by “wary curiosity”. Your butter sounds good. I remember making honey-butter a million years ago. It was yummy 🙂

    1. deemallon Post author

      ECE people? As for commenting anymore on children here, it’s a no for me, too. Perhaps I shouldn’t have even mentioned as much as I did. Even though I like how personable blogs feel when family is named, I keep choosing not to do it.

  3. Marti

    This week, very nostalgic because my twin daughters had their 52nd birthday on Thursday, Oct. 27th.. As we always do, my husband and I remember…how we did not know we were having twins and that was such a trick, but when they both arrived, then and now, such a treat!

    When I spoke to my girls, we fondly remembered the many birthdays that had a Halloween theme, and many a slumber birthday party as well and especially how their Dad was such a; hero to be around sometimes, 10-12 girls for a slumber party! We lived in a 2 story home and one year, hung “ghost”donuts from the upstairs railing. The ghost donuts were powdered sugar donuts and the sign said, “Bite if you dare for you may become a ghost!” and of course they all did, and as the powdered sugar fell down on them, indeed they looked ghostly.

    Now I am thrilled to have twin grand kids, a girl and a boy who are now in the throes of the teenage years- turning 13 this year. They are fascinating creatures and I can’t wait to see them next month when we travel to CA for Thanksgiving. We haven’t seen them since 2019 and the changes from age 10 to 13 are wondrous to behold. When they were 10, they spent two weeks with us, all on their own, and we traveled all over New Mexico, took them to the Grand Canyon onr our drive back to CA and even to Yosemite and we called this trip, our excellent adventure road trip! I doubt that they would have as good a time now on such a long vacation with us but in calls and face timing, behind the bravado of “teen-hood”, glimpses of the sweet and mischievous beings they were as toddlers and kids, shines through. They are and always will be my Lovies!

    1. deemallon Post author

      What an incredible road trip you made with your grandchildren. Something they’ll remember forever. Thirteen is a tough age, but I suspect as grandparents you’ll be a little exempt from some of their mishigas. I can’t wait to hear about your holiday! It’ll be great, no doubt.

  4. Liz A

    oh … it’s all so east coast (in a very good way) … maple leaves, Victorian gingerbread, beadboard and chair rails … and lots of butter … like a taste of home and another life … I can practically smell the wet leaves and sharp herbal notes … thank you for recalling it all for me

  5. RainSluice

    I remember those Halloween costumes your mom whipped up! I love this time of year, too. Green beans, yum. Got a GF Pumpkin bread recipe? I’m so nervous about democracy I forgot to buy candy for the millions of TT-ers that will be coming our way. There’s still time. Beware the Werewolves.
    Love, peace and fabric-arts – M

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’m pretty nervous about same. More than 100 lawsuits already filed, then what can fairly be called an assassination attempt on House Speaker Pelosi. I remain optimistic, utterly convinced that the media just can’t get past themselves anymore, but such a nail biter!

      I might have a GF pumpkin bread recipe. Let me look.

      I DO remember! One year we went as a two-headed witch and everyone thought we were Siamese twins!

  6. debgorr

    My garden is covered with leaves and pine needles (from the neighbor’s tree), we’ve had a bit of wind, 1 to 2 inches of rain forecast for tomorrow and the next day. More leaves on the way, good mulch. Often when I am in the garden I am happiest, life feels good. ECE is Early Childhood Education. 🙂

    1. deemallon Post author

      Raking today I realized I have spent way too little time in the garden lately. I, too, often feel happiest there. Thanks for ECE info. Now Nancy’s comment makes more sense.


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