Let’s Count 10/22

0 — number of times I’ve been discouraged by Dems in Disarray narrative, Dems need better messaging coverage, negative polls, or Doomsday DOJ sentiments;

0 is also the number of cold frosts so far this year; number of times I’ve had Covid;

1 — number of ballots cast this week; number of books I’m reading right now; number of queries sent out recently; number of mini, fallen skeletons seen in the neighborhood today.

2 — number of meals I served homemade croutons with (homemade spinach soup and a killer Caesar salad); number of manuscript rejections received with an actual email in last few weeks;

3 — number of people within two degrees of separation who have died recently. One was almost 100, one was almost 99, and one was 59. Also number of times I heard the liturgical response in Latin in my head at a funeral Mass this morning;

3.5 — number of inches of hair that I cut off this week;

4 — (also during Mass) number of times I heard my mother’s voice saying, “I love a good Irish tenor;” approximate number of times I wondered what my Jewish neighbors thought about all the sitting, standing, and kneeling going on;

5 — number of WIP quilts that I am actively working on right now;

6 — numbers of days recently racked up without sugar;

21 — number of white linens out to dry at salon on Center Street;

31 — number of tulip bulbs planted in containers to force;

75 — number of daily emails I receive from democratic candidates (just kidding, but whew — it’s a lot);

875 — total number of #PostcardstoVoters I’ve sent out in last two years (this is a real number);

Too many to count — number of times I’ve fast-forwarded through TV news coverage recently either because * I’ve already learned about issue in some detail through twitter or because ** it’s nattering on and on about what Dems are doing wrong or because *** they’re playing a clip of the former guy (and usually one I’ve heard umpteen times before — e.g. portions of his bullying, illegal conversation with Raffensperger); times I’ve felt grateful for Finn’s company.

The number of collages made in the last month, especially digital, is also too many to count.

Using this week’s Paris Collage Collective prompt (palm tree photo)

15 thoughts on “Let’s Count 10/22

  1. Kristin Freeman

    Counting, yes sometimes it can be discouraging, yet it is my hope that changes will come.🙏🙏💖💖💖

  2. RainSluice

    eeeech those big numbers are scary! Though all your numbers are so interesting in how they impact my visceral response. I do guess that you are aware of that 😉
    Where did we leave off? Tarot cards?
    1 – the number of Tarot cards I’ve picked up over the last fifteen years
    153 – the number of #PostcardstoVoters out of the 200 postcards written since I started last week.
    My life is too boring to go on about, but the things we do and count vs the things we don’t count is quite fascinating, and you make it entertaining. Your climate collages (?) are very nice. I have to check out your etsy site. Should I rejoin twitter and instagram? I do not miss it terribly, but I’m a little lonely.

    Right now, I’m on break from my little Dem volunteer job (voter canvassing management). There is no one here but me right now. No volunteers signed up for this afternoon, and sooo… other management went out to canvass. Its a gorgeous Sat afternoon, and uh, I’m worried. Even without Rachel’s new podcast, I’m a little worried. The silence is worrying… I got a photo I will email you. I think you’ll like it.

  3. Marti

    # of issues that conservative pundits state as reasons why the Republicans are in position to win- gazillions and they are annoying and I need and want to spend my energy and time elsewhere…AS IN

    Sending in my absentee ballot for the midterms last Wednesday and noting that it has been received…

    As in taking to heart this note from Robert Reich,from his newsletter that my daughter Erika sends to me faithfully. This newsletter was titled, How are you doing these days? and here is why it matters so much to me:

    Excerpts: Reich says, “I ask because almost everyone I talk with is feeling overwhelmed. Putin’s war in Ukraine and his threats to use nuclear weapons, Trump and his henchmen’s (and henchwomen’s) ongoing threats to democracy, the upcoming midterm elections, the bizarre economy, the climate crisis and the natural disasters it’s spawning. And much more.

    In times like these we also need to take care of each other, and of ourselves. It’s about sustenance — feeding our need to laugh and play, savoring the joy of connecting with those we love, dancing to music that literally moves us.

    A year before my father died, shortly before his 102nd birthday, we took him to the local mall and parked him in his wheelchair just outside a drugstore for just a moment while we bought a few things. When we returned, he was out of his wheelchair, moving his body with perfect rhythm to the sound of Jimmy Dorsey’s 1930s big band, over the mall’s speakers. My father couldn’t speak and could barely see, but he had a broad grin across his face.

    I hadn’t even noticed the music.

    Today, amid all the anxiety and despair, I want to inspire you to hear the music. I guarantee it’s there. Please take some time out to be moved.”
    ******************************************************************************************Thank you Robert Reich and know that I notice the music, hear the music, dance to the music for it is how I maintain and hold center…

    May you Dee, and all who come to visit here, hear your own music notes, raise your voice in song and your body in rhythm and move to your own steps in the dance of daily living…

    1. deemallon Post author

      Fabulous and inspiring Robert Reich quote. Thank you for taking the time to type up so much of it. One of the main points of the tearful eulogy I listened to this morning was : care for each other.

  4. Nancy

    Dee~ i love when you write posts like this (along with your other styles)…counting or prompts or rants…I love reading your thoughts 🙂

  5. Hazel

    Your counting posts are always so good and thoughtful. (Maybe I would feel more productive if numbers were applied to my days?) Struck by the beautiful sadness and stillness in the black, white and green collage. Finn is clearly a wonderful source of comfort and love.

  6. Tina

    Like Hazel and others I do love your counting posts .. they do leave me wondering what -if I became more aware of how many times I did what and when. 4 – totally wonderful warm weather days along with amazing fall colors have kept me outside .. behind on reading my blogs. The love we get from our fur babies is probably the thing that is keeping me sane while listening to all the political accusations going back and forth .. can’t wait for it to be over and all our Democratic candidates have won.

  7. Liz A

    a day without sugar is like a day without sunshine (yes, I’m totally addicted)

    and the former guy … good lord, why on earth would anyone spend good money to listen to him talking for 8 hours with Bob Woodward?!?! … that’s 480 minutes too many for me …


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