Grief sculpture, Nazis, and Vote

I’m sharing pictures Maggie sent of the sculpture she mentioned in recent comments. It’s 12 inches long. The artist: Beverly Thomas. Apparently Thomas doesn’t have a website but her gallery info is listed further down. Below is what Maggie, a sculptor in her own right by the way, had to say about the piece.

In other news. I looked out the window at 6:02 and couldn’t see the moon. A total eclipse of the Blood Moon seems portentous on Election Day, wouldn’t you say?

K has gone to the office, so Finn and I will make our loop alone. We did yesterday too because of a business call which gave me the opportunity to listen to the sixth episode of Rachel Maddow’s newest podcast, Ultra. Holy shit. Did you know that in the 40’s there was a Nazi plot to overthrow our government? Not just Nazi sympathizers, including in Congress (which would be shocking enough), but a Nazi spy here on our soil and actual Nazi propaganda from Hitler’s government being distributed through congressional offices to constituents.

My Tuesday morning Indivisible call is cancelled today. I call us The Seven Sisters now by the way. Two of us are out at the polls helping with ballot correction or oversight — one in Georgia and another in New Hampshire. A third has been working the phones for North Carolina. The rest of us have been writing Postcardstovoters. Whatever else happens today, I am proud of these women and honored to call them friends.

78 degrees when I snapped this
Texting with Deb when I shot this. It was warmer HERE than in Georgia!
It just keeps getting more interesting!

Keep the faith! I’d say See you on the other side but results will be a while in coming (she said with a veneer of calm). I remain optimistic.

Marti’s ritual candle. Shared with permission.

11 thoughts on “Grief sculpture, Nazis, and Vote

  1. Marti

    On this day of the blood moon, and supposedly you could see it from about 2:20 am until 6 am here in New Mexico. I was out at 3 am but too much cloud cover where I am living so I came inside and performed a ritual. Rituals embrace us and help us during times such as these. I have a very old, heavy recycled round green glass container from Spain. The container has 7 indentations and in the center, I placed a tiny beeswax candle. On folded strips of paper, six of them, I wrote the following words: Democracy, Women’s Rights, Mother Earth, Equality, Respect, and Hold Center. The candle is lit, I have chanted each word and we go forward…

    1. deemallon Post author

      Reading the description of your ritual gave me goose bumps. You inspire me to light a candle later.

      “Democracy, Women’s Rights, Mother Earth, Equality, Respect, and Hold Center. The candle is lit, I have chanted each word and we go forward… “

  2. Tna

    Marti I love that you shared this .. such rich family history of traditions. My mantra today “We Got This”

  3. Tina

    Goose bumps … chicken skin!!! Thank you for sharing this. And thanks go out to your 7 sisters for all you do .. we need many many more people like you.

  4. Laura

    I listened to Rachel this morning. Six years ago I would have understood these less. I had only heard of the anti-communists. Rachel, as always, will tie it all together. I love how she weaves a story.
    Thank you, and Maggie and Marti. I just might join you in lighting a candle.

  5. Nancy

    Love this sculpture so much. I contemplate the size and how large one own’s would need to be. Your street scene looks so familiar to my own. We had rain and snow on the mountains. Needed, but not my favorite to drive in.
    Thanks to Marti and her candle lighting ritual.
    May things be okay.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Rain is mention worthy on Jimmy Kimmel. That’s how I now know what a big deal it is in Southern California.

      A grief receptacle big enough for all our grief? Huge. It would have to be huge.

  6. Hazel

    (Finally back on line and catching up…) This sculpture and Maggie’s words (imagining holding it, and weeping), followed by Marti’s gentle ritual/blessing are gifts, thank you all. And a belated Happy Anniversary! The childhood photo, a lifetime of knowing each other- how swell! (We’ve happily moved into the simpler mostly just grateful celebrations, too.)

  7. Anonymous

    Just getting back here after a bout of bronchitis. So touched by all your comments and sentiments. Love and peace forward ho. Thanks Dee, for all you give! Xxoo


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