10 thoughts on “Afterwards

    1. deemallon Post author

      Maybe. Especially if considered with what goes before and after, something I haven’t figured out how to capture. Laughed at your post, BTW, about hitting publish before finished. I do that ALL the time. Usually revise three, four times after publication.

  1. Marti

    So wanting the “Blue” light that shined all throughout New Mexico could find a way to light up a path for my neighbors to the left and right of me, Arizona and Texas!

  2. Nancy

    ‘In progress’ looks done to me…the void of ‘more’ added on speaks volumes! The viewing of your piece after reading that poem put it all together for me. My interpretation of them is basically how I feel these days, both in my day to day and in the state of the world. Very dramatic telling here Dee.
    The close races, the unknown results still, the need for runoffs…and then there is the huge win of Ron DeStupid. I’m unable to comprehend how there can be this madness.

  3. RainSluice

    Me too, “In Progress” seems complete.
    The Kyle Tran Myher poem – I love as I love/hate the concept of The Dark Dementors. They seem quite real.
    Related: I shared a very short video on FB that is a poignant clip of Congressman Andy Kim’s acceptance speech (D-NJ). He mentions his children, it is quite moving. We worked at one of his canvassing staging location as well as canvassed for his campaign: 3 weekends plus Election Day. We have some good stories about canvassing.
    Tense times… stay healthy!

  4. Liz A

    I live on a small island of blue in a vast sea of Texas red … it is indeed baffling … but our wonderful state representative won re-election and is currently in law school … I do so hope she is headed for Washington DC one of these days … and I chided our local mayor, who included an endorsement for another candidate on his “where to vote” Facebook post … I didn’t vote for that candidate as he didn’t answer my email which asked “what is your opinion of the 2020 election administration and results?” … thankfully, he lost the election to a Democrat, who is admittedly flawed … but who isn’t these days?

    so yeah, I feel like a deflated pumpkin, but at least things aren’t totally rotten … there are seeds that have sprung from this election that will surely take root and bear fruit in 2024

  5. Saskia van Herwaarden

    yes, WIP looks done

    such a relief, the outcome I mean, of course
    makes me embrace the human race yet again

    and also, how come media got it wrong again, over here anyway as they were ‘predicting’ landslide victory for trumpism


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