Pix of trial and error

First semi-successful gelli plate magazine transfer
Magazine page after failed transfer

A fourth Amherst Writers’ circle today. Zero meetings next week. Change of rhythm. Special counsel appointed. Dingdong’s hat in the ring. Dogs walks while wearing hat and gloves. Twitter sputtering, me grieving. Reading a great memoir. Watching Derry Girls. Gave up on 1899. Pretty low energy here – sorry! Black bean soup last night. Tonight a roast chicken. Planning a pumpkin cheesecake. Extreme gratitude for a new beta reader. One hundred pages in. Good questions. Back hurts but it’s time to rise and shine!

6 thoughts on “Pix of trial and error

  1. Nancy

    Interesting images, fall leaf, memoir?…potato masher as an art tool? ha, world still in disarray, just new season to surround it, Fall, Autumn, nice. Low to medium energy here, low back pain, children lifting or UTI, maybe TMI, moving on, xo

  2. Liz A

    Would love to know what the great memoir is … it’s my favorite genre

    Just read a novel recommended on one of the blogs … Pale Morning Light with Violet Snow … I couldn’t put it down, but I sensed that much of the story was left on the cutting room floor … some Goodreads reviewers called it a “slow read” (by which I think they meant there was too much backstory), while I found myself wanting more … couldn’t help but think of you as you edit down your manuscript

    I dread hearing the dingdong’s voice … if only the media would simply refuse to give him oxygen … but now he’s being let back on Twitter … gawd

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’ll look for that book. The memoir is by CJ Hauser — The Crane Wife. She’s fascinating, brilliant, and a good writer. There’s a very colorful grandfather who got her and her sister to believe that the Wizard of Oz was real. The chapter about the crane wife describes a piece of Japanese folklore in which a crane plucks herself bare every night in order to present as featherless each day, as her husband would want. This came either before or after describing a broken engagement. Quite a lot about what it means to be female.

      I think it’s a riot that in reinstating the dipshit, musk has made public evidence of some of trump’s crimes. Cheney posted a link to one of the 1/6 hearings and suggested people read his tweets from early January 2020 and then listen to their evidence of his culpability.

      I did set up an account in mastodon but am cranky about having to learn shit that used to be automatic. And so much effort. Part of me wonders: who would I be without either twitter or a substitute?


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