Me not gardening

Dig up all the yellow invasives, front and side. Pick up catalpa pods. Cut back ornaments grasses to make room for new growth.

Garden many iterations ago

Shop for plants to bring back structure to front bed: iris, peonies, and euphorbia (because there was no ligularia). Don’t bother with shrubs because dryer vent in foundation kills them all.

Rake front bed, half of south bed, dethatch parts of lawn. Pick up catalpa pods.

Pull out dead blades from spider plants. Remove desiccated leftovers from around the hostas. Fill two bird baths — one new one, a pretty copper bowl! Pick up catalpa pods.

Remove dried stalks from sedum — carefully! —remembering the time you got three nasty splinters in your thumb doing just that and that asswipe doctor didn’t believe you and kept asking you if you bite your cuticles.

Scoop up and remove some sunflower hulls. Pick up catalpa pods. Fill the porch planter with pansies, petunias, and allium. Brace yourself to begin removing echinacea from the front bed.

Talk to Scott about chipmunks. Shop for a second umbrella. Unwrap patio furniture.

And now, I’m pooped. Have stock on the stove for butternut ginger soup for dinner. Easy peasy.

I can hardly wait til tomorrow for the new Perry Mason. May go back and watch episodes four and five again. The plot is densely woven (in a good way).

10 thoughts on “Me not gardening

  1. deb

    What ARE those little yellow creeping things? I love them. I’m looking for something to fill in the bare edges of the Island.

  2. Tina

    All wonderful signs of spring .. it is amazing how much the garden plant’s change day to day this time of year. Oh it all has me smiling ear to ear even with predictions of snow coming over night .. it’ll melt in a day.

  3. Liz A

    we keep whipsawing between 40s in the morning and 80s in the afternoon … last night I wore summer-weight pajama bottoms with a flannel pajama top …

    and phew … you did a lot … how is that “not gardening” ?

  4. RainSluice

    I keep forgetting to use the adjective “asswipe”.
    I planted a witch hazel (yeah, I don’t know why I’m into everything-witch this spring). $60 starter plant. Something ate the blossoms. I caged it. It sprouted gorgeous leaves. I uncaged it to give it spreading space, figuring that no animal or insect would bother it now. Yesterday I found it nearly decimated. Was it the asswipe squirrels?

    1. deemallon Post author

      HBOMax. Starring Matthew Rhys as Perry Mason. Della Street is gay and Paul Drake is Black so there are interesting twists. Really good storytelling.


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