Yesterday, I made a cake and it is delicious. It combines two almond cakes from the NYTimes cooking app. That makes it a bit of an effort but since my not-hungry-for-three-weeks brother had a wedge, it was worth it.

If you haven’t read Maggie’s comment from yesterday, do. A vivid description of her aunt.

Another day of grey here. What can I say?

I tried to walk Lila just now but a pop went off and she immediately turned around. Done. We trotted back to the house. She is scared of loud bangs and if too loud or prolonged will hide under the guest room bed.

Rescue dogs often come with shadows of trauma.

Trauma came up in my writing circle this morning. As a prompt, I posted a writer’s description of coming home to a completely wrecked house after Hurricane Andrew. I wondered if it would be productive. Was it ever!

So much insight in that group! It is the best thing in my week, week after week. I hesitate to gush, as if doing so would jinx things, but the most amazing words have come spilling out so regularly that I now think of these fellow writers as unstoppable. Unjinxable.

I’ll close with this Apple TV drama recommendation. Eight episodes. Incredible writing. Beautiful cinematography. It has: family secrets, betrayal and redemption, bad parenting, and lots and lots about wine. I love too that a lot of the show is in Japanese or French.

One of the writers also contributed to CALL MY AGENT. That’s the one about a talent agency in Paris. Also very good.

4 thoughts on “Quotidian

  1. Nancy

    What a blessing you are for your brother. I’m glad he was hungry for yummy cake. And what a blessing your writing group is for each of you…shared energy and inspiration! I’m a bit tired of the “June Gloom”…but know I’ll miss it when the roasting begins.
    Take care.

  2. Tina

    I’m sorry to read your brother’s appetite is not want you would like .. sounds worrisome but yes that he was able to enjoy your cake is a good sign. You might just have to keep baking…

  3. Liz A

    food is love … so I can well imagine how hard it would be to have a loved one with little appetite for it … in my own life, lack of appetite has signaled deep inner distress … I hope for your brother’s sake that whatever is troubling him can be relieved, be it physical or psychic


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