Back to the land of sharp knives, automatic ice dispensation, and good reading light.

I will get my grubby paws on the remote and not let go for awhile. I will not listen to a single ad for thyroid eye disease, Kars4Kids, or Liberty Mutual (I swear if I had to watch that dipshit fall over the rail into the East River one more time I was gonna scream). No more Kevin Hart barking “NOT A GAME!”

However, shingles doesn’t care has entered the lexicon.

I’m also back to the land of SUNSHINE. I’m not exaggerating when I report that in three weeks in Los Angeles there were two, maybe three, brief afternoon showings of sun. Relentless grey.

It was a good trip, don’t get me wrong.

What do you miss most about home when you travel?

Billy’s hallway in the wee hours

The garden popped in the three weeks I was gone. Whew! Gorgeous. Stepping into the back yard yesterday was the strangest thing because it felt weirdly unfamiliar.

Today there will be weeding. I’ll finish reading the 49-page indictment. Salmon with a dill ginger sauce will be whipped up for dinner (Ali Slagle on NYTimes Cooking app). A dog walk is on the agenda.

News: the man who picked me up at the airport was wearing hearing aids. At last! Long overdue. He’s in the adjustment period but at least it’s now happening. (Nagging reached new heights with this one).

Speaking of nagging, now that I’ll resume my usual Finn-walking loops with the usual number of steps, do you think Apple can stop with the “your steps have changed” notifications?

For place keeping, the following pic.

PS The best thing I read about Aileen Cannon being assigned to the case was a news watcher’s assertion that Jack Smith is a better prosecutor than Cannon is a bad judge.

You’d think she’d want to avoid more blistering rebukes from the 11th Circuit Appeals Court, but I’m not counting on it. But remember: the insurrection case will be brought in D.C.

17 thoughts on “Home!

  1. RainSluice

    Yessssss XOXO to your garden, doggy hugs, nagging about the trifles one-and-all do gag on, and LOL on sharp knives, ice dispenser and a good reading light! But wherever you are: you write, cook and bake up a storm for others to totally appreciate and indulge in PLUS you punctuate with great humor. Hey and those peonies!! wow. Mine were somehow weak this year – should I divide up?

      1. deb

        Welcome back to the comfort of the familiar. Your peonies are fabulous.My two blooms were sad. Now I know why. I had to look up top dressing. It was all I ever did for them. Drop a bag each of topsoil, peat and cow manure on the mailbox garden. Stir it a bit and call it good. Two, maybe three years I owe them. Shamed I am. Is Finn sniffing everything for Lila?

  2. Joanne S.

    Welcome back home. I used to go spend weeks at a Time at my Dad’s house and it was always such a great moment when I entered my OWN house…….

    My Peonies are still in tight bud here in Maine. A few are showing an edge of color. Some were burned up in the recent lawn mower tragedy. But I look forward to this coming week and a lovely show of color. Two shades of pink and some white. Along side the Siberian Irises. Deep blue.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Well in case I needed proof of a counsel of my own angels, get this: I was typing you an email thanks for the Nightwalking podcast recommendation when your message here chimed in. Listened to one. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Thank you! Everyone: search Constellation Prize wherever you listen to podcasts.

  3. Nancy

    As Finney is surely saying: Welcome Back Home!! Yes, the gray has been never-ending this year, but I keep telling myself to enjoy it because surely the 100+ will be never-ending too. Oy, that “Kars4Kids”…THE WORST! It was kinda fun knowing you were close by, even if it really changed nothing. 🙂 Your yard looks so happy, just as you sound. Enjoy!

  4. Laura

    Your picture with Finn says everything.

    A haiku for you:

    A felon can’t vote,
    But tRump could run for office
    From his prison cell.

  5. Anonymous

    Gosh. What is “top dressing”? I do trim them down to the stems. I’m not when to do that. I think that last fall.


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