Rain on Father’s Day

Kind of swampy out there.

We took Finn on the short loop and good thing, it started to rain as we rounded our corner.

This purple hoola hoop put me in mind of how vision gets cropped. Also, how random things can be. What’s inside the circle and what’s outside? Who left this here?

I’m working on this ground today and will write #PostcardstoVoters today, alerting Ohio voters to an August special election. NPR story here. First the GOP banned August elections, then they made an exception for this one. This resolution would make it harder to amend the constitution.

Why? Because “a group of doctors and citizens is currently gathering signatures to put an abortion rights amendment on the November ballot.”

On the Father’s Day menu: braised lamb shanks on cheesy grits with green beans in the side.

Instagram story includes K with the boys, K’s father, and three old photos of my father.

Here’s to all the good fathers in the world. I wish my boys could’ve met mine.

4 thoughts on “Rain on Father’s Day

  1. Nancy

    I like the way you meld bits of cloth together to make a world. I like the movement in this one.
    That bent hoop does give a pause for thought! And your world is so green! I noticed this week that we are still faintly green, but with more heat it will be gone quick!
    Fathers…Mmmm…my son is a good Daddy 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I love seeing these photos! Precious lives, so much love!
    That one of Buffy and your dad brings back memories to me.
    Happy Father’s Day!

  3. Liz A

    We celebrated our Geminid birthdays along with Father’s Day (or is it Fathers Day? … or should it be Fathers’ Day? And why do I obsess about such things?) In any case, homegrown tomatoes made for some toothsome eating.

    Love your roiling storm clouded sky over gently rolling hills … I continue to be amazed at how you combine prints so effectively (and confess to a tinge of envy as well)

    1. deemallon Post author

      Now that you mention it: Fathers’ Day?

      Happy you’re enjoying those beautiful tomatoes. And I can admit to some envy there! Really can’t grow vegetables in our yard.


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