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Yesterday’s Robert Hubbell newsletter was a very amplified version of the comments here on my last post (thank you everybody who commented here! No acts strike me as too small). Hundreds of people wrote in about what they’re doing about climate change. It’s worth a look.

Third Act is an activist group that organizes boomers, recognizing that many have resources that can be wielded to make a difference.

About boycotting fossil fuel industry in your investments, this was from The Financial Times yesterday:

Did you know that there are now “climate crisis therapists”? This week’s New Yorker article entitled “What to Do With Climate Emotions” talks about them. And of course, about the dilemma of being alive today and paying attention. The following paragraph is from that article.

“It may be impossible to seriously consider the reality of climate change for longer than ninety seconds without feeling depressed, angry, guilty, grief-stricken, or simply insane. The earth has warmed about 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit since pre-industrial times, and the damage is irreparable.”

From NYTimes, The Trillion Gallon Question

Today, it’s raining. Finn and I walked the shorter loop on account of it. I’ve just baked a chocolate cake and made mint cream cheese icing for a special somebody’s birthday (which is later in the week but since it’s just the two of us we’ll eat cake every night for days!)

We had family over to celebrate early this weekend. I don’t like to post pix of myself but since this reminded me a bit of one of my recent favorite TV shows (The Bear), here I am.

12 thoughts on “Climate and continuing

  1. Liz A

    Interesting to note that I came here right after viewing a PBS short film about climate anxiety:

    I confess to rampant pessimism with a heaping side of cynicism vis-a-vis our elected officials who seem to be incapable of substantive action

    Given the ongoing dire weather-related news reports, I can only say, “May I be safe … may you be safe … may all people and creatures be safe”

  2. Saskia van Herwaarden

    hahahhahahahha, that last image was like looking in a mirror: grey hair up, a pair of specs and colourful apron!

    and even our tiny nation is in crisis too, not just one in fact many: climate crisis, nitrogen crisis, immigration crisis, housing crisis to name but a few, a fallen cabinet, amidst all of which a prime minister who decided to step down…..
    even tho none of this is anything to laugh about, I still do!
    your posts usually help in that respect;-)


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