August ‘23 Haiku

Only a partial effort for August in the haiku department.

Near the super moon.
But it’s Christy’s light making
the east wall light up.

Once read that lies were
the devil’s greatest tool. I
wasn’t sure. Am now.

Motorcade obscene.
No big crowds. Just reporters.
Sad day? Not at all.

Dog gacking lately.
In my dream, he spits up one
quilting pin, then two.

A single yellow
leaf winking on the road speaks
to coming season.

Rain clip clops through trees,
back pain unspooling at hill’s
crest. What’s for breakfast?

Who do you choose to
be: a pond dimpled by rain
or the mighty oak?

We missed the exit.
But the turnpike was quicker.
Now collapse on couch.

Soaked sphagnum moss like
they said to for orchids but
for too long. It stinks!

August 11
Between the wars. She would have
been ninety today.

8 thoughts on “August ‘23 Haiku

  1. Rainsluice

    I think these Haiku are brilliant.
    My fav is 8/6
    I laughed out loud about the dog gacking on pins.
    Your mom – my god a fashion model.

  2. Liz A

    love your mom’s swimsuit … and remember my mom wearing one that was plaid (she would have been 92 this year)

    I like the idea of being a dimpled pond … transient though it may be


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