In case you want a look back that’ll give you chills and maybe, hope. I who never cry, teared up. I know Biden is old and that can make us wish for different choices, but take a look and remember.

Meanwhile, this is happening in the basement. The closer K gets to retirement, the more house projects he takes on. Last week it was cleaning out all the gutters and oiling the wooden ones. I could hear that distinctive clank of the aluminum ladder being moved for a few days. Then he replaced that bedroom window that spontaneously shattered a while back on a day with a sudden forty degree temperature drop.

Fixed: the ice maker; the washing machine.

I think he’s paving a path.

Also, finding (more) skeletal mouse remains and patching holes in the old foundation.

When he starts organizing (and selling off) the massive coin collection in the cellar, I’ll know we’re close.

Same family that was in our backyard recently spotted on yesterdays dog walk

It appears that my first born is shopping for a motorcycle. Excuse me while I go scream in a closet for a bit.

My only response to him will be to ask if he’s a registered organ donor.

14 thoughts on “Gathering

  1. Nancy

    That video did give me chills (but, I’ll add that I am a huge sucker for these kinds of things). I’m always a bit confused how he has 1). faced so many difficult things as President (I mean really Everything from wars to weather to economy etc. – one crisis after another) and…
    2). Done so many good things for the people in our country and…
    3). Has such a low approval rating, when…
    4). the criminal ass has done the opposite and their rates are often so close!!
    We as a people can be so stupid!
    How nice to have someone so handy around the house! Over here more and more simple things get left undone! Oy. I miss seeing our wild turkeys. Just living two blocks further down the road towards ‘city’ life, I never see them any more 🙁 Boo

    1. deemallon Post author

      My thought is that presidential ratings don’t have much meaning anymore. I wish he got more credit for all he’s accomplished. Some call him a “once in a generation president.”

  2. Marti

    I’m lagging behind, it’s been one of those weeks so I’m still considering your previous post re British vernacular. A funny story.

    When my daughter was ready to give birth to her twins, I flew to San Francisco to help the new family. I stayed for two months, cooking, cleaning, taking care of my little lovey grandchildren, pampering the new parents, etc. One morning as my British son in law came down the hall, he asked, “Marti, what have you done with me smalls?” Now mind you I had no idea what he was talking about so I said, “Are you telling me a joke?” Turns out that smalls refers to underwear. I had done their laundry, folded everything but put it all in the wrong dresser drawer…

  3. Rainsluice

    Smiling here.
    Not about motorcycles, I’m sad to hear that.
    Are we still wondering about the west coast hurricane? I’m anxious to watch the weather news tonight.
    Thanks for the Biden clip. I’d never watched it. It could happen again. He could win. It better happen again. But when were those years when we didn’t even think to worry about mob bosses threatening our right to vote for a non-criminal?

    1. deemallon Post author

      We are watching the storm. C is watching reports of the wave action (they’re expecting ten footers). J’s father lives in Palm Springs. They’re supposed to get a ton of rain.

      Yesteryear? Yeah. I’m sick of the word ‘unprecedented’ but here we are. I’m still waiting for the indictments to impact the despot’s numbers. Until they do, I’m not gonna give them too much mind. MSM WANTS this to be a horse race even if it isn’t (I doubt pollsters are reaching Gen Z).

  4. Rainsluice

    Yes. I agree about MSM.
    Listened to Bill Mckibbon and Chris Hayes on podcast today (“why is this happening “). It was very informative and interesting. Depressing of course, but dribbles of optimism at the end.
    Hurricane Hilary. Who knows what this rain will do! May all find safe haven and may the hills not slide away.

  5. Ellen

    Oh no!!!! I would feel the same way. I wonder if you can look online and find any strategies for convincing him out of it.

  6. Liz A

    motorcycles and tattoos … both make me wonder “why?” (although I do rather like sleeve tattoos)

    as for polls, I recall watching a “real-time” demo on the NYT, where they showed how many contacts were attempted versus how few people actually responded … I want to say there were hundreds (maybe thousands) of “no responses” to each contact that yielded a poll result … and even then, how honest would any given respondent be? … the true poll is found at the ballot box and I’m beginning to see glimmers of hope in the fact that ham-handed attempts to obstruct voters seem to make them all the more determined (Kansas, Ohio, etc)

    1. deemallon Post author

      I’ve already started tuning out the polls, especially of the MAGA base. (I mean who gives a shit? No Republican can win with their votes alone and their votes are not movable, so why is it a story?) The number that sticks with me today is 64%. Sixty-four percent of all voters say they either won’t or probably won’t support trump’s bid for the presidency.

      Also the narrative that each indictment makes him stronger? Give me a break. Even if that’s true to date, there’s no reason to assume that it will continue to be so.

      And I get your point about who is answering these polls. When you consider no one under the age of 30 picks up their phones EVER, you have to wonder.


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