Patchwork love

The patchwork I was piecing as a base for a village quilt was supposed to be incidental, more frame than subject. But I liked it too much. So I let it get bigger. Stand on its own.

From this
To this

Meanwhile, here is the appliquéd rectangle both before and after cutting.

I may opt for machine stitching in the construction of these small compositions. Between the felt backing and the inclusion of batiks and upholstery fabrics, I’m not sure my fingers are up for the needlework.

Me at the Peabody Essex Museum yesterday

That clever mask: made by

But look at that hair! Ugh. I always wear it up so what’s the point of having it long really? I may just bite the bullet and go short again. My aversion to the idea has generally been that a short do requires maintenance. Not more maintenance, but any maintenance. I used to flinch at the cost too but that is less of an issue now.

It continues to be muggy here, though temps have fallen. We notice Finn slowing down on days like these and maybe in general. He turned NINE this summer which is hard to believe.

Child’s chair repaired. K is really good at this kind of thing. Problem though? When I tried it out, I was simply checking for proportions and it turns out that a lack of padding makes it pretty uncomfortable. So we’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Patchwork love

  1. Marti

    As you are the patchwork queen, why I would take the pieces that you cut, 4th photo, for they look like crowns and affix them to your hair!

    At the VA on Friday, masks were back. Luckily, I use a back pack for a purse so always keep them in them in the pack.

    Hair is always an issue for me about this time of the year because September is my birth month and I always think I need a refresh! My hair is a bit scraggly and was down to below my shoulders. I often think of going back to short, the old pixie cut or shag but the adage of women of a certain age should go short just causes me to bristle so…plus the upkeep of short hair keeps me away from going short. I remembered how during the pandemic, there were all kinds of suggestions on how to do home hair cuts…

    Yesterday, I gathered my hair into a high pony tail, scissors in hand and hacked away about 4 inches. Even did a few layers and now it is a little below chin level with waves in the back and looks quite fetching… Did I mention that I looked at myself in the mirror without my glasses so of course, I looked fetching! Don’t have the guts to put my specs on!!! Asked hubby how my hair looked and he said, it always looks good…a very safe answer from a long term married husband!

  2. Nancy

    Dee~ Ah, how the magic happens! I looked at that lil chair and immediately thought, it needs a row of houses! lol
    As far as hair…as a child, short hair was for “grown-up ladies” (translate to my mom or other working (teachers, nurses etc) women in the mid-late 1960’s. I don’t think I ever became that, by choice, and have always worn my hair long…but like you, it is always in a pony tail these days (too hot, too many lil hands to pull it…) – so I too have thought: why even keep it long if it is always pulled up/back? It’s getting close to my waist now and I thought, after Pow Wow, I’ll cut it off again. My last haircuts have been like Marti…cutting off my own ponytail. It matters not if it’s done well as it is still always in a pony anyway!! 🤣
    I’ll be watching your hair and chair over here!


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