October arrives

The week slid past. Some sun. MORE RAIN. More jackhammering (including right now). K “bricked his phone” (don’t ask) and I continued to work on a number of small village quilts and the Barn Storm (below).

One FB friend called it “Cabin on a Lake.” I can see that, but to me it is a barn in a field.

I didn’t like the Moon Face in this one (which was unintentional), so I added some stripes to hide.

Face was too goofy

There was also turkey soup with kale and a walk around Crystal Lake.

Hazel (handstories) boat with books

14 thoughts on “October arrives

    1. deemallon Post author

      I just deleted and reinstalled Jetpack (which runs my WordPress now) because I was having problems commenting elsewhere. Sorry if it’s screwed up now.

  1. Marti

    Come, come, closer my darlings, come, step up and get near the beguiling pumpkin colored barn, Dee’s barn, for the spell has been cast and the bewitching time draws near. To me, one side of her barn is red, the front is pumpkin colored and the barn is settling in for a howling good time. Already the land underneath is undulating and getting ready to erupt into a whirling dervish dance. Above the barn, the skies are readying to become a phantasmagoria of fright, cloud swirls, gathering momentum, waiting, waiting for the surprise that lurks inside Dee’s barn. For although the barn is pumpkin in color, Dee’s roots are Irish and when the barn door is open, no Jack O’ Lantern will greet you but Jack O’ Turnip for in Ireland, they used to carve turnips to signify the coming of Halloween aka Samhain:

    Betwixt and between,
    Many sights await to be seen.


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