Driving home after four spectacularly sunny, blue-skied days in Quebec City, we hit rain in Southern New Hampshire. The gloom came at us like a pestering house guest. You again? Familiar and unwelcome.

Then, a day of jackhammering. The house demolition four doors up was at long last attacking the Roxbury Puddingstone. Rat-a-tat-tat. For months, I’d been eying the newly opened earth and exposed ledge with dread. When? I’d wonder and How long?

Fortunately our basement is beautifully sound insulating and I didn’t have to arrange much to host a zoom workshop down there. Better yet, neighbor Jane told me they’d done two days of the percussive work while we were away. Whew! What a blessing!

View from our fourth floor room
Three flights up!

This is the first week since June with three write-sessions scheduled. Two I lead. Today I follow. It feels good to be back in the saddle.

Tomorrow I get my Covid booster and flu shot. (If CVS doesn’t cancel again. They have twice). I’m lucky that I don’t have reactions. I doubled up on Covid booster and pneumonia shot last time and it was fine.

Speaking of Covid, before we left for Canada we arranged flights FOR BOTH BOYS TO COME HOME FOR THANKSGIVING. Due to work schedules and the virus, we haven’t all gathered here since 2019. Four years. It’s been four years. We’ve been together in Los Angeles and Colorado, but still…

What plans are you excited about? What routines grounded by?

10 thoughts on “Re-entry

  1. Anonymous

    Quebec city .. all I can say is wow!! Your pictures have me wanting to visit there. When I travel it’s mostly to visit my siblings and their families. Fortunately my children are grandchildren live close by so I can only imagine .. easy to imagine how wonderful Thanksgiving is going to be for all of you. You sound happy .. happy is good!!

  2. deb

    How exciting to have them all together! I had to check to be sure but the last time I was in NY was in October of ’21. Seems like everyone is looking forward to getting together.

    And I remember the strange and wonderful accoustics of your basement. It was like a giant padded cell. I wonder what a zoom call from down there would be like.


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