Canada, clutter, and prompts

Passport. CHECK. Mouth guard and meds. CHECK (but didn’t have to carefully tuck them in carry on bag in case suitcase gets lost). Sewing, reading, and writing notebooks. CHECK (you’d think I’d have an elegant handmade etui to hand, but I don’t. I just stick needles and pins in whatever swatch of fabric is handy).

Our lovely house sitter will be taking GQ-level photos of Finn again no doubt. I can’t tell you how comforted I was to learn that she’d held a piece of cheese to her forehead for some of her darling shots from last trip.

Painting by Ginny Mallon

I consolidated heaps of fabric and windexed here and there. The difference was relieving, noticeable. K said, “I’d live here,” which tells you something about his dry wit. What it perhaps doesn’t reveal as readily is how forbearing he is of my clutter.

Question to crafters: are works-in-progress demeaned by the label “clutter”?

Never mind that. What would be really hilarious if it weren’t so hypocritical is that I dare to ask him to please put his shoes away!

I spy two Jude Hill indigo moons

Traffic on 128 is bad. The trees are green. I will report back as we travel north. We may be in for some pretty foliage.

I’m excited to be going to Quebec City. Our older son went to McGill, so we’ve made many trips to Montreal in recent history, but I haven’t been to Quebec City since my French class traveled there in 1975.

WRITING PROMPT: Begin with “she said” and keep going. Whenever you get stuck, write it again, “she said.” Courtesy of Natalie Goldberg.

TWO MORE WRITING PROMPTS: Begin with “she could not get comfortable” or “so much depended on.” Both courtesy of Kathleen Olesky.

Paris Collage Collective from this week
PCC prompt
Used PicFrame to collect prompt

Lastly, I am reminded that people go through stuff and we don’t necessarily know about it. That’s as good a reason to be kind as any.

10 thoughts on “Canada, clutter, and prompts

    1. deemallon Post author

      Nice list! It was one thing when I only worked downstairs but now that so many bins and supplies have migrated into our living area, it’s kinda different. Hope your studio revamp is proceeding apace! We don’t have mold downstairs, just mildew, mice, and moths!

  1. Dana

    Your irritation with K’s shoe abandonment made me laugh. My husband strews his shoes everywhere and they are a tripping hazard. Its almost as bad as the pets, who love to plop down immediately behind wherever I am standing.

    I, too, have lost my studio, so the clutter in our living areas gets profound when I am working on something.

    Have a good trip. Have you read Willa Cather’s “Shadow on the Rock”?

  2. Marti

    Enjoy your time in Quebec. Canada has some beautiful places. Wonderful food in Quebec. I’m sure you must have enjoyed Poutine, one of the signature dishes? (French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy) I’ve always wanted to try a dish that is made at Christmas, tourtiere, a Canadian meat pie.
    Have you ever eaten this?

    We have only visited British Columbia, when our girls were five. We borrowed R’s brother’s RV and went to Vancouver, Victoria, Banff, Lake Louise, etc. Girls saw bears, moose and had an adventure that is still talked about to this day; getting caught in a storm while fishing from a canoe…our little girls wrote in a book that hey made of the trip, complete with drawings, “Daddy saved us by rowing bravely to the shore!”

    On that trip, we also visited one of R’s German cousins who was attending Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. We also had German relatives, August and his wife Hannalore, who lived for many years in Toronto. August was a wonderful character and told many amusing stories. We met them at a family reunion in New Mexico in the 80’s. They invited us to visit them in Toronto many times but we never were able to make the trip.

    1. deemallon Post author

      Getting caught on a rainstorm in a canoe — how memorable! I’ve never seen western Canada. Spent a summer on Cape Breton Island as a teenager though.

      Poutine was on offer everywhere as it is in Montreal but I have never been tempted. We also did not have elk or bison or duck anything. Not a very adventurous food holiday. The best meal we had featured a dollop of mozzarella made from a water Buffalo though and it was delicious!


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