Light, silence, tooth, and time

Dull light this morning but no percussive hammering. I think it’s over.

Also over: the first (and most invasive) step in getting an implant for my front right tooth. The one with a history.

Grievance: a doctor who didn’t answer my email about anxiety meds until it was too late to do anything about it.

Humor: my brother disagreeing with her assessment that diazepam prescribed eleven years ago probably wouldn’t work. “Unless it’s turned to fungus,” he said, “it’s fine.”

It was fine. In fact it was so fine that I was relieved when K said he’d walk over with me. I felt that woozy.

Tonight I’m eating ice cream. I can be a bit of a baby.

Yesterday I wrote a scene where a character spins and spins and spins. Sufis were mentioned. Imagine my surprise as I noodled around with this week’s Paris Collage Collective visual prompt in bed later to see the Sufis emerge (from an old SoulCollage card). I remixed extensively to make them more visible (along the lower edge).

I didn’t seen them at first. With many of the dianaphoto app filters they disappeared. I love to be surprised like this.

A far cry from where I started.

He’s the prompt

The Christ-like figure is from a photo taken by Andrew J. Whitaker, a photographer for the Charleston paper The Post and Courier. He took it during the summer of George Floyd protests — George Floyd who recently would’ve turned 50.

@andrewjwhitaker on Instagram, photo itself

Other surprises from last night.

Incorporating Sketchbook Project Page
Incorporating photo of Hearts for Charleston Quilt
Some earlier Sufi collages

5 thoughts on “Light, silence, tooth, and time

  1. Rainsluice

    Do you have a temp tooth? sounds like a terrifying and gruesome process. Glad you had a pill to take that wasn’t moldy or red (where did I get that? I don’t know). And ice cream!! And K, of course.
    The spinning and the Sufis are so mysterious. Beautiful collages.

    1. deemallon Post author

      They were supposed to install a “flipper” but forgot to order it or something so he just glued my own crown in place. It’s very precarious. Not glued to a post in an old tooth remnant but glued to the side of the teeth of either side. I hope I get the flipper before my week long trip to Montgomery, Selma, etc.

  2. Liz A

    glad that the worst is over, but yikes … your dentist didn’t answer an email until too late and “forgot to order” a temp tooth … WTF?

    still, that 11 year old diazepam must have been a doozy to judge by the cascade of collages that followed in its wake


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