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Clearing and continuing to connect

20130622-142706.jpgClearing a small footprint in the cellar to install a darkroom for D. It acquaints K & me with the volumes of ‘stuff’ we have — not just in the basement, but everywhere. It took all morning to clear the space you see, and many piles have yet to be resolved!  Some decisions are easy. All those cake pans that I found here and there and that are duplicated? Give away! Ski parkas of the boys that they have long since outgrown but that fit me beautifully? Not so fast! A beautiful red, plaid kilt, that was my mother’s, or her periwinkle pleated dress embellished with sequins? Hmmm, don’t know.

20130622-142807.jpgThat’s the ‘clearing’.  I am continuing to connect sections on the Global Warming quilt above. In some places, patterns draw the eye across seams. In others, as in the above, using both cream and red threads, I am employing a split running back stitch to cross the seams and connect up some lines.

20130622-142835.jpgI am also expanding the spiral patterning with stitch. It is difficult to avoid a ‘nippling’ effect when stitching in a spiral. Any suggestions? I can tamp and press it down and make the circular stitches behave, but perhaps there is an order to stitching that would prevent the inward and upward pucker in the first place?

20130622-142909.jpg These are the kinds of scraps that I vigilantly save when vacuuming, as I have done this morning. “No wonder you have too much stuff,” you intone or kid, depending on the kind of Saturday you are having. Yes, yes, I know. I know.







P.S.  My wordpress dashboard looks dramatically different these days, with fatter fonts and much, much bigger pictures. Does it look different to viewers, I wonder?

P.P.S  Thank you for the technology tips! The phone was fixed (at least for now) by a second trip to the Apple store. They wiped it clean and I reinstalled stuff once home, and I have had no issues connecting since.  As far as Photoshop Elements perpetual crashing, I will look into storing pix in a separate hard-drive, to see if freeing up space improves matters on that front.