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When I photographed the upper right block shown here, I had on pink-polka-dotted pjs and a number of people commented on how much they seemed to be a part of the work… so a few days later, I cut the bottoms off and used some strips here and there. You can see them in two of the squares here.

So far, taking Jude Hill’s online class (spirit cloth), I have been so enamored with making little woven studies, that I haven’t graduated to some of the other techniques… but I shall, I shall.

Today? The air is brisk and wakes one up. Walking Jack, I heard birds at a neighbor’s, rustling around… tossing yellow leaves up with their beaks… behavior I’ve never seen before. Had my neighbor recently seeded his lawn? Was there a collection of worms or bugs there for some reason? They definitely were looking for something!