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American Horror

Two things.

Sometimes the most potent collages are made by combining only two images.

And, sometimes you want to transmute the underlying image and sometimes, like here, you want it to stand for what it is. The bee-comb head is an ad for the TV show American Horror Story. I haven’t kept up with the series so I can’t tell you what’s up with the bees, but I can hardly think of a better way to name the gun carnage and political failure we face than: American Horror Story.

(PS. Made this SoulCollage Card two days ago but given how often mass shootings happen in this country, it’s not particularly prescient).

at the corner

candlelight-vigil-to-end-guIt was bitterly cold on Friday as darkness fell.  About 50 of us held candles.  Print outs showing the weapons used by the Newtown shooter were passed around.  Some drivers honked, or yelled “THANK YOU” out of open windows.  Above the Turnpike, a thumbnail of a moon cut a curve of light in the sky,  about as beautiful as it gets.

Obama just read off the names of the dead children.

There is a petition asking for immediate action to address gun control here.