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Heat Wave

“The more we open to ourselves, completely and fully, then that much more openness radiates to others.”

Chogyam Trungpa, “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism”

The heat here is oppressive.  Gardened early and slowly yesterday, with long pauses for icy cold water.  Today I’m taking a pass on dirt and sweat and retreating to the coolness of my cellar.  AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh.

Took this picture in a backyard on Sunday, while taking the Open House Tour — something I had never done in my 24 years of living in this town.  It was fun… satisfying the nosy self, the curator/designer self, the history buff, and giving the bitchy, bitter self something to complain about.  Kind of covered a lot of the bases.

This statue was in situated in one of the prettiest backyards that we saw.  At Buddha’s feet was a fountain, gurgling up through loosely arranged stones on a single round block of rock.   K. explained to D. how it was done.  “So simple,” he noted.  “I want one,” I exclaimed.