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You Not You

Continuing with collage month, I responded to Acey’s prompts 6 and 7. Sort of. This session ended up being an exercise in femaleness. What I adopt. What I reject. How I present. What I hide.

This second figure (above) feels like a fairly accurate portrayal of how I move through the world: a plainly dressed peasant giving off skepticism, perhaps even hostility. Appraising. Judging. Garden tool at her side.

As for the girl catching the ball — well, I learned ages ago that JOY dwells in my shadow (it’s not all vice and monsters in there folks!) Here she is, coming out of the shadows and showing up in all her glory — war torn nation, poverty, notwithstanding. Joy isn’t necessarily circumstantial.

Elsewhere find vanity and fashion. The part of me that I wish to hide is NOT the girly girl, however, but the entitled omnivore. The consumer.

The green swirls collage (with ravenous lion atop) come from a chart showing alarming trends in food consumption worldwide. On another page I wove those green trend lines with very high end bracelets. The monkeys of fable show up twice.

Speak no evil. Hear no evil. See no evil.

Indeed. That’s one very privileged way to deal with climate change and scarcity.

We have two cars. I still eat meat. We fly often to visit family. Keep the house warm.

The last figure (in the red dress) is an enigma and that’s just fine, although if I had to guess, I’d say she’s gonna eat that baby. Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon. Top level omnivore. A witch of old.

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