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2014 1381

kid enjoying the rain in Montreal

Another week gone — a run to Montreal to move C. into a new apartment then bring him home; a run to Salem for yard and kitchen clean up with my sister; my own yard pick up begun, and stocking the fridge for two young men, instead of one. We have had two glorious days of sun this week, but it rained virtually our entire stay in Canada.

We arrived at our hotel to find it shrouded in plastic and scaffolding with super-high decibel power washing in progress. When we asked to audition the noise-level in the room prior to checking in, the clerk was a total bitch. FURTHERMORE, the sole ‘working’ elevator worked only barely, and neither the thermostat NOR the AC worked. The only way to control the sauna-like heat of the room was to open the balcony door. When it was windy, we were regaled by great fwops of plastic as if aboard a schooner on the high seas!

2014 1402Somehow, once we settled into the room, all the flaws about the place just seemed to melt away. It wasn’t even that I had to work at it, really — you know, as one of those ‘opportunities’ to practice acceptance? There was just a lot to do. And I had my Dickens to read and finally finish!!
dickensActually, I came to love the geometries of the scaffolding, and walking down 14 flights of stairs was surely good for my legs! And, to be fair, the second day when I asked for a discount, that clerk was extremely nice and even, apologetic. We were comped four days of parking fees.2014 1399 2014 1387The visit was a working one — with an IKEA run in there and lots of loading, then unloading of the van. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in a trip to a fabric store — Effiloche. I learned that Effiloche means ‘frayed’ and in French, like English, can refer to either fabric or nerves. I didn’t buy much (Holy Christ, the prices!), but what I did get is in that softer palette I’ve been hankering for — taupe, grey, military blue.

2014 1410This figure watched K and me eat our curry on what must have been girl’s night out. We were the only two people over thirty in the Thai joint were I shot this photo, never mind OVER FIFTY, and K was one of only about four men in the whole place.

There is tons to do in the yard — it really is a mess. My sister needs more and more help — there is very little that she can do for herself at this point, actually. And with two boys in the house again, mess gets going in a hurry. Nevertheless, I hope to be back here soon!

Change afoot

olive et gourmande, Montreal (last week)

olive et gourmande, Montreal (last week)

The blogging rhythm broken, giving me a bewildered sense of loss… I really am not overstating. It’s been months of trying to figure out what’s up. First it was the crashing, frustrating, newly installed PSE11 (not anymore, thankfully). Then it was D.’s college applications (done!). And tours (done for now!) Attention to writing. Major decluttering. Runs to Salem. Montreal. Schenectady.


filled with lavender buds !

And, all the while, I am sewing. Not a little. A LOT… moving pieces of fabric around, and listening to myself think. I became, this fall, weirdly resistant to being influenced. Unable, suddenly and almost violently, to partake of community that had been a place of solace and learning.  I hated the isolation created by walking away, but somehow the need to preserve some quality of solitude kept winning out.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that the decluttering impulse, twinned with solitude, could very possibly be the soul at work — struggling to create the necessary conditions for integration… muscling things about so that I can make visual pieces more congruent with where I’m at, more expressive of what’s up, and with a lighter hand.  Dare I wish this be so?!

I don’t know yet, but all of a sudden, this excites me. I am prepared to be ruthless to make it so. To be ruthless, so that I can become lighter. This makes me laugh and I’ll take that as a good sign!