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Movie tradition

Some years ago, I started a tradition of watching “Children of Men” every November. I’m not even sure why. The dystopian landscape is one that might manifest ten minutes from now — the scariest kind. There’s a compelling story and an unbelievable cast, including one of my all time favorites — Clive Owen.

(From IMdB)

The first time I saw the film, the idea of immigrants in cages seemed a little far fetched. But now? One characters states: “Illegal immigrants — our government hunts them down like cockroaches.” To Americans, this no longer sounds like the stuff of fantasy.

The distribution of assets is spectacularly unfair, with most people living in drab utilitarian spaces or in squalor. And then there is the fact that no baby has been born in 18 years.

In 2007, a year after the movie was made, Roger Ebert reviewed the film and penned these lines, more relevant now than they were 12 years ago:

Often I fear it will all come to this, that the rule of law and the rights of men will be destroyed by sectarian mischief and nationalistic recklessness. Are we living in the last good times?

In rare and spooky synchronicity, The Boston Globe today featured an article about declining fertility rates.

After a respectable pause, it’ll be on to my holiday favorites, prime among them “The Last Holiday,” with Queen Latifah.

Do you have any movie traditions this time of year?

narrative quilting and viewing

A summer story emerges.

It has some specificity – THIS August there will in fact, be a blue moon.  This summer, cloth has hung on a string strung out back, not tree to post or house to post, but deck to mini-ramp.  Still…

The rabbit in the quilt really does visit our yard, even when eight of us are having BBQ and salad at the table under one of the catalpa trees.

And the results of my indigo ventures are evident – nearly all of the blue fabric in this piece were dipped in the five gallon bucket out back.  Some were bleached as well.  I have fallen in love with the color of indigo, and more surprisingly, with the metallic smell it imparts to cloth.

I have been stitching to a boxed DVD set from library called, “Why Quilts Matter” (more on that another time) and in the evenings to Showtime’s series: The Tudors.  Both K & I loved Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hollow’ and are psyched that its sequel now resides on our kindles… I’ll probably save that read for winter (and it may consume most of the winter!).  ‘The Art of Fielding’ is a perfect tale for the end of summer, and some compensation for not sleeping until 2:30.

This week I watched ‘In the Electric Mist‘ twice.  It is a post-Katrina murder thriller set in Louisiana.  It stars Tommy Lee Jones and is based on a book by James Lee Burke.  My sister turned me on to James Lee Burke.  They are good reads all on their own, but are particularly interesting to me because I am currently obsessed with southern landscapes.  I especially wanted to see one of his books on film to confirm what I found disappointing in the wonderful new movie, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ – and that is, that ITS landscapes were repetitive and washed out instead of marvelously tangled and varied and intensely blue and green.  (The relationships and characters of the ‘Beasts’ film more than made up for my disappointment about the scenery).

Today I include my viewing notes because it has struck me recently that perhaps I stitch in order to sit and watch one narrative after another on the screen, and not the other way around! Has anyone else ever had this slightly disturbing epiphany?