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We went to the North Shore with the hopes of walking on a beach and eating clams.

I counted signage. Didn’t know what to expect but I’m happy to report that Biden, BLM, and Choose Love signs outnumbered the trump signs and American flags combined.

Two obvious but sickening notes: 1) how thoroughly the GOP has coopted patriotism such that it was a safe guess that homes flying flags were trump supporters; and 2) how one party is about love and the other party isn’t. Stark.

A breezy day with beautiful clouds.

Couldn’t find a public beach, but we did eat clams. The Clam Box was super crowded with jostling in the parking lot and a loooong wait for food but people were keeping distance and all wore masks. Delicious clams — and a slightly better deal than the famous Woodman’s in Essex.

Heading back we came across The Old Burying Ground, 1634 and wandered in.

The drive home was awful. But at least I had taken a leak. I won’t tell you where.

It was not a great outing and not a bad one. I have to say the best part was walking into the house upon return and being thoroughly glad to be home — as if we’d been gone for days and not a matter of hours.

Abigail, William, Elizabeth, Lucy, Moses, Daniel, Abraham, Susannah, John, Sarah, Josiah / Kendall, Lord, Dutch, Graves, Caldwell