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Gate to Otherworld Quilt

Quilt for sale.


This vertical piece is about 14″ long and includes velvet, cotton ticking, cotton damask, organza, wool challis, and quilting cottons.

Hand stitched. One of a kind. A doorway into the other world, perhaps?

Price: $65, free shipping.

If you’re interested let me know and we can do paypal via email or I can post to my etsy store, clothcompany.

Polka Dot Slippers – pattern by ‘ithinksew’

I bought the pattern for these kimono-style slippers at Clotide, but you could also go directly to the designer’s shop —  ‘ithinksew‘.  Easy to make. These are flannel-lined.


For the CUTEST baby shoes, check out ‘ithinksew’ again here.  Anybody having a baby?!!